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Since no one else had named you yet, I will name you Teddy. You were a gorgeous little orange boy. I'll never understand how the lady who found you and your sisters in the pasture, trying to nurse from your fatally injured mother, could leave you knowing that you were getting weaker and weaker.

I'm so glad I had the chance to hold you your last 5 hours on this earth. Your sisters told you goodbye, and I will make sure they see where you now rest in my backyard, before they go back home next week.

I only knew you a few hours, but little really grabbed my heart. I will dream of you reuniting with your mother tonight, as you cross the Rainbow Bridge, and envision you getting that drink of milk that you were so desperately trying to find when you and your sisters were found. Goodbye sweetie......
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Oh my God, that is so sad RIP Teddy
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RIP precious little Teddy.
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How sad............ Rest In Peace little Angel
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Rest in Peace Teddy.
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RIP, Teddy, happy with your mother across the Bridge.
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Oh goodness, that was so sad Play happily at the bridge Teddy

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Play on at the Bridge, Teddy and Teddy's Mamacat
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RIP Teddy, you little orange cutie. Have fun on the Bridge; your mom is there along with plenty of other kittens and toys to play with and shady spots to nap. You will not be forgotten.
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RIP little Teddy. You were loved in the end. Your momma is waiting for you.
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Thank you for posting this memorial to a lost little baby.
You are not forgotten sweet Teddy boy.
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Poor babies. Rest in peace, sweet Teddy - you are free now.

Thank you for being with him, for caring, and for giving him a dignified death.

Your care and love shine through your beautifully written words.
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Poor babys...
RIP to all of them...
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What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to Teddy - at least he passed knowing his name and the comfort and love of spending time with you. Godspeed over RB, little Teddy---reunited with your mama-kitty again!! She surely asked for some good guardian angels for you & your sisters....Bless all those who helped that little kitty family
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Thanks everyone. I just couldn't let that precious little soul go without a remembrance.

By the way....his two sisters didn't go back "home" as expected. The lady who found them was "too tired" after her vacation, (I would have fought for them if she hadn't been) soooo....They are staying with me until they are old enough to go to their "new" home in NC!!
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