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Is it okay for kittens to grow this fast?

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I'm fostering a mom cat with a litter. The litter was born last Monday so they are now 11 days old. There are four kittens. They are all seemingly healthy and happy but I'm just a little concerned because they are so big. It's probably perfectly okay for them to be big but I wanted to ask some more experienced kitten raisers just to be sure.
When they were born they gained weight a little quicker than other kittens. Yesterday, at ten days, they weighed 9 ounces. The smallest one weighed 8 ounces. According to a chart I have kittens should weigh about 7 ounces at two weeks and 10 ounces at three weeks. These babies are almost 10 ounces at ten days. Is there any harm in kittens growing that fast? Any input would be appreciated.

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Charts with what they "should" weigh are not very useful, as their weights are individual.
Better to recount it on individual basis.

Ie, what weigh do they start in the chart, and what weigh do they have after say 2 weeks,

And, what weight did your had when born, etc...

A little tricky recount but....

What weigh had yours when newborn?
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Well, since you aren't force-feeding them, I don't think it's a problem. They can't grow faster than mom can feed them. Beware of averages; they lie every time!
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I think they sound fine! The thing with kittens is most of the time you have no idea who the father is and the kittens got half their genes from him. He could have been a big cat with a large body composition so they would probably grow faster. Sounds like they are definitely healthy!

Just keep an eye on the mom. With these four bigboys (or biggirls) you need to make sure momma is getting enough nutrients for her and for them. Free feeding her kitten food is usually the best way to insure that but if she starts to act tired or low on energy you may want to call a vet (or the shelter you are fostering her for) and see if she may need suppliments to boost her system.

So....when do we get to see pics????
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Not sure where you got your chart. All of Gingers kittens weighed 7+ ounces at 10 days and two weeks all almost 10 ounces. At 22 days they all weight 12.8 ounces or more. She had a litter of 5.
If you'd like me to post a link of their weight chart I can.

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The only thing I'd worry about in kitten growth rates is if they weren't growing fast enough! As long as their energy levels are good, it doesn't sound like anything to worry about.
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