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accidental clonazepam ingestion

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my neighbor dropped 2 of his sleeping meds Klonopin 1 mg and neglected to tell me
thank god I caught my 11 month old before he ate the second one
He was horribly messed up for 48 hours and scared me to death and back
I called my vet immediately and she said it would just sedate him
he was wacked out maximus
I am furious with my neighbor and feel fortunate I caught my boy as he gobbled the tablet I would have rushed him by cab 20 miles to the emergency vet if I hadnt known of his pill eating
His appetite was humongous he would have eaten 2 cans if I let him
His motor systems were off kilter also
today 2 days later he is normal again
totally thank goodness
the neighbor claimed he didnt know he lost them at my house and said oh he'll be alright
bye bye friendship
I am getting old ,too old for panic like that
I love my boy completely more than most people
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Wow, is your little guy ever lucky! Thank goodness you realized what happened and were able to consult with your vet right away.

And I'm with you on the indifferent attitude of your neighbor regarding your kitty's health - no one needs a "friend" like that.

Hugs to your boy. I'm very glad he's alright.
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thank goodness I caught him taking the med I wouldnt have known at all what was wrong with him
He is back to his devil doll ways and fine
Another friend was totally unsupportive and had an attitude like it was my own fault
I like kitties better than some people

thanks again for your kindness
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