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Hey Everybody Debby's here!

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She may be a little bit posting shy right now. Anybody wanna say hello to her?

Hi Debby!!!!!
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Dont be shy
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We sure do miss you around here!
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Hi Debby! We've really missed you around here. I've missed your good heart and open spirit. I hope you'll feel comfortable posting here soon!

Take care hon!
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Hi Sweetie! I've missed you so much! Hope to see you around again!
Love ya Hon
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Hi Debbie
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She had to go offline- time to feed Amber- I hope she comes back soon-
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Hey Debby!! It is good to see you!!!!
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Hey, Debby. Welcome back.
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Girl we have soooo missed you!
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Hey Debbie!!!
Glad to see you back at The Cat Site
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Yay!!!!! Glad you're back Debby!
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Hey Debby and Amber too! How are you ladies? Great to have ya around hon, we miss ya!
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You know how I feel, Debby. Its good to see you on the 'public' boards again!
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Hey sweety!!!! Debby, its great that you're back!!!! I can't wait to read your posts...
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Hey Debbie! Welcome back!!! :daisy:
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Get back here Debby....... there are a bunch of newbies that need your help!!!!!

We've missed you!
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Hi Debby!!!!

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Welcome back, Debby. You've been sorely missed.
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I hate to be clueless, but I am one of the newbies to speak of. So, anyone care to fill the newbies in? Who's Debby, why's she been gone, etc...
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Debby is one of the sweetest most caring person I've ever known. Besides Anne, who started TCS, Debby has been here longer than anyone here, and was the first official Moderator.

Debby needed to take some time off of the board because her most beloved, her soulmate cat Merlin was unexpectedly taken from her. Everything about here reminded her of her sweet love, so she just didn't feel comfortable posting here and reliving her grief with every post.
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Hi guys!!!
I have really really missed you all!!! I am typing up a tribute to Merlin for the bridge forums and when I get it all finished (it is rather long) I will post it there and then be "officially" back. I appreciate everyone's kind words about missing me. I can't wait to get back and started posting. I think about you guys all the time and wonder how you are doing. There have also been some misunderstandings bewteen me and another member, I know some of you know all about it, and it was simply a matter of things being taken out of context and things read into it that I didn't mean in a bad way. I hope all of you know I would never intentionally hurt anyone. That is all I care to say on that subject, but felt I needed to say something since several of you have been told things that simply were not as they seemed and very one sided. I did have reasons for what I said that I'm sure were not passed along as well.
So..having said that....I love you all and miss you terribly...I hope I have not missed anything important that has been going on in your lives. You all mean alot to me and I can't wait to meet the new members here!!!!
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Woo Hoo Debby! I am soooo glad to see you back mate! ((((((((((((Biiiig Huuuugs))))))))))!!
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Hi Debby! Welcome back- even if it is briefly!
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I sure do like seeing you here again. The CAt Site just isn't the same without you!

I hope you are able to stay a little longer next time!

Here's a Blob-O-Rama for Debby

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Good grief! That really dates Debby! Blob-a-rama's haven't been used in a very long time! LOL
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Thanks guys!!!! And a blob-a-rama even!!!

I am going to finish typing up that tribute to Merlin for the bridge this week and then once that is posted I can come back and feel I have put some closure to it...even though it still hurts.

I hope I can be here for Hissy's 10,000th post!!! Way to go girl!!!! You deserve it!!!
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Its great to see you again Debby. Ihope there is better days ahead.
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