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Yet again my cat has thrown up all over the house. She will throw up the hairball and then usually throw up 2 other times all liquid. I have been giving her the Hairball jell 3 times a week but it doesnt seem to be helping. She usually throws up once a week. Any thoughts on what else I could do?
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What food is she having?

I had to stop giving Jack wet food because he wasn't getting the hairballs up, so now all he has is Rotal Canin Intensive Hairball kibbles, and theres been a huge improvement.

Has she seen a vet, because if she's managing to get the hairball up and still being sick, it maybe something else?
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Do you groom her? How often?
That would certainly help.

I just use petroleum jelly (vaseline) for hair balls (you can also use butter, or olive oil) a little on the paw and the hairballs clear right up!
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Sorry about the double post :S

I used to have a cat that was the same way, she was on hair-ball control food, short-hair & I brushed her every day but she still had a hairball once a week. I hope someone has an answer for you!
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I feed her EVO dry.
I try to groom her everyday.
I have seen the vet and they said nothing was wrong with her, just to give her the hairball gell.

Thanks for all the help in advance! I really would like to get this under contoll. I have to move back home with my parents for just a little while and my dad will freak out if there are hairballs everywhere.

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