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Looking for someone--Rex

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This is clearly a longshot but....any Rex breeders/exhibitors out there who might know a Debbie from the Louisville, KY area? I believe it is Devon Rex that she shows/breeds. I worked with her a few years ago. We used to talk cat and dog shows. I went to a cat show in Southern Indiana to visit her and see her cats. I can't remember her last name!! She stopped working at the same place and then I left too and I lost touch with her. Anybody know a Debbie from Ky with Rex?? I'd love to meet up with her at the upcoming Louisville show (ACFA), IF she's even going. This will be my first show with my HHP. I could sure use her help! Thanks for any info!
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Sorry I'm not familiar with anyone that breeds Devons in that area. Hopefully you might find them. You might try looking up some other Devon breeders in the area (within a state or two) and see if they can help you locate the breeder you are looking for.
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Good idea which I did not think of as I was googling Devon Rex Louisville last night! Duh! It took me the longest time just to remember her first name was Debbie, isn't that awful? I guess that cat show was four years ago that I went to where her cats were shown. She is a really nice person. Hope I can find her again 'twould make showing even more fun! Thanks for the great idea!
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Try searching breeders on CFA, TICA or breedlist.com there is probably a Devon Rex club you could google, that should have a list of Devon breeders sometimes they list the breeders name.
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