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Daily thread for Sunday June 10th

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Good morning all,

We havn't had a daily thread for ahwile, so I figured I would start one today.
I havn't anything exciting to talk about this weekend. It is BEAUTIFUL weekend here in CT. Mr. Sun finally decided to show up. I spent most of the day yesterday outside. Today we are going to a household pet only cat show in RI. We are taking our red and white tabby Lunette. This should keep us busy until about 5 tonight. Sundays always seem to fly by so fast.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!
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have a good day, Sandie

hope everyone had a good weekend, as well. miss y'all

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Hi Everyone
I have been spending time getting well - I went to work the last few days of last week and came home and slept. Friday Donna came and helped me clean my cages and my house and Sandie brought me dinner! I am walking better now, but should not do steps yet.

You know how I said we were placing all our kitties and we were going to rest for the month of June and have me get well? Things just don't always turn out that way. Yesterday we went to the New Haven pound (which is a kill shelter) and I took out five cats between one and two years old - all beautiful, friendly kitties who deserve new homes - we have a calico, muted tortie, a dalmation cat (truly spotted like a dalmation), a tuxedo and a red and white tiger. All very happy to be here. We also took a very pregnant older cocker spaniel mix who, according to the x-rays is going to have six puppies any day now. Who said I needed rest anyway?

Today Donna and I are going to go and spend the afternoon at a Helping Paws fundraiser - the tag sale on the green - we are having a raffle and selling animal products. It ends about five and then dear Donna who probably sees cages in her sleep, is going to help clean out the cats' cages (so now instead of three there are six cages). Someone already called this morning and is coming to see these guys, so hopefully, one will truly be in a new home soon.

My time on the site will be very limited for the next few weeks - we will be going away every weekend in June, but I will pop in and out when least expected!
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Greetings and salutations to all of you members of The Connecticut Chapter of The Cat Site! You're all doing great work, helping innocent homeless animals find "forever" homes with loving humans. Bravo!

My Connecticut connections: When I was a kid we used to go to Connecticut a couple of times each year to visit my father's relations. He had a brother in Moodus, plus two brothers and two sisters (and his mother) in West Hartford. My very first ride on an airplane originated at Windsor Locks, in a Trans-World Airlines Super "C" Constellation! My older brother attended the University of Connecticut for a couple of years, graduating (however) from the University of Miami.

Ta da!

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You girls sure are a busy bunch - Rene - I am so gald you are getting around a little now. You have really big heart - nice job in giving those lovely babies a second chance!
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It has been a busy day - today one of the first pound kitties got a home The double pawed long haired tortie found a single woman in a condo who recently lost her elderly cat - it was a great pairing and I am always proud of myself when I take a cat out of a kill shelter who has been there for months and place them into a home within a day.

Sorry to pat myself on the shoulder - must be because I am so tired.
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Well, the cat show was fun. There were only 3 rings, so it went fast. Lunette got a 4th and a 5th out of 20 or so cats. She is such a ham when she's at shows. Hubby was asked to judge the next show in Sept, so that will be a fun one. Then he took me to a little italian place for dinner and I had an awsome calzone.
Rene...you deserve to pat yourself on the back. Cats can be in a shelter for MONTHS and then poof..you take them and get them a home. Heck..it takes someone special to get someone with 10 cats to take home another cat. I started out with 4 cats and now I have 11!! Thats 7 more cats in a good home.
Mr. Cat...hold onto the memories...LOL I don't think you are missing much in CT these days. No, truely I do like it here, It is very pretty and I have some great friends here(Rene,Donna and Michele). I am just a west coast girl at heart. Not to mention the drivers suck, people are rude and it takes a half hour to get ANYWHERE.
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I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Rene, Sandie is right, you should pat yourself on the back. Not many people would go and get 5 cats out of the pound unsure if they could place them or not. You are one amazing person. Those cats are all wonderful, very loving and affectionate and should place very easily. And while most people count sheep to fall asleep, I count CAGES. I truly don't mind doing cleaning them because I know that if I were in a situation where I couldn't take care of my cats, you guys would be right there for me. Afterall, that's what true friends are all about. I love you, man!!!
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Hi all, I am getting ready to go to Madison, WI for a job training. I'll be there two weeks. I think I'm taking my computer so I have something to do in my hotel room and I won't go through Cat Site Withdrawal either.

I am, however, going to go through major kitty withdrawal. I haven't been away from my bunch for that long forever. I'm worried that my five week old kittens won't remember me when I get back, and I know it's such an important time for developing there personalities.

It's going to be a tough two weeks.
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Hi Everybody!

It's late and I'm exhausted, but I had to say hi after 2 days off the site. I was in New Jersey this weekend for my 25th high school reunion. It was pretty much what I was expecting; no more, no less. The weather was gorgeous, not the 90's stuff here in Florida. I really enjoyed mostly seeing the people from my home town (yes, Sandie, Ho-Ho-Kus!). It's a really small town, population about 4000. We actually had to go to high school in the next town, as our only school was K-8. We were 86 out of almost 700 seniors at Ridgewood High. So the group of us that showed up this weekend have known each other essentially since kindergarten. I found it neat that although we were all divided by various cliques and things in school, all those types of distinctions don't really seem to matter anymore.

Oh well, enough of being philosophical. It's good to be back, although I probably won't be around much this week. I have some major work to get done for my grad classes this week. I'll be thinking about all of you and will pop in when I can.

Anne: Glad to hear that all is still well with the baby.
Debby: I'm happy that you and hubby are working things out.
Donna: I know you've had a tough weekend because of Casey. Hang in there, kid.
Mr Cat & Hissy: Congrats on 500.
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