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Happy young cat peeing in wierd areas?

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I have a male cat (I think its him) that pees in strange areas! He is fixed and he did spray when he was a kitten but he stopped after we got him fixed.

I find pee in the most strange spots like i found i t on a duster? I Found pee on bags, I Found it today on a table! its really wierd.

He is a stray originally and goes outdoors sometimes he got in a fight and came home with a clawed nose but it healed really quick and nice. He is a very active healthy athletic strong cat, probably the most powerful cat i have ever had as he is nothing but solid muscle & is a huge hunter. Could he just be still marking his territory?
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That depends, how long ago did you get him neutered? Are there other un-neutered toms around? Is he spraying (marking vertical surfaces) or urinating outside the box (usually done in a squating position like he is in the box).

Usually going outside the box is seen as a sign of illness. Cats are prone to urinary tract infections & neutered males are prone to crystals in their urine. These both cat be serious, even deadly problems. The best thing is to take him to the vet to check for these problems. If health issues are ruled out then it's time to look at the behavioral information.
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he was nutered a couple of years ago

he did spray standing up as a kitten yeah

I am not sure whats out there im sure there are many tom cats out there I never see any though?

if he doesn't get to go outside he starts to freak out I wonder if that has to do with him peeing on this? mad at me for not letting him out right away?

He is not spraying anymore that i know of i mean he might be but i just dont smell it cause he dosnt have that tom cat stink? I just see yellow urine in wierd places or something like a bag will be really sticky

the spot i find urin is right by the window when he starts to freak out he gets really intense looks out the window his eyes get huge and thats when he might pee

when he was a kitten he use to pee on my clothes a lot
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If it's on a table leg - he's backing up and spraying. If it's on the actual table top, he's squatting to pee, and that really suggests a UTI.

I have a male kitty (who never sprayed in his life till we brought in a feral female) and even though he's neutered, it still smells like pee. (So much so that I don't invite my mother over much!)

I hope you can get him checked out.
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I think a vet checkup is in order.

If it turns out that he's a perfectly healthy cat, then perhaps a diffuser is in order, or I've had good results with Calm Down for Cats.

Maybe he just needs to chill. ^^ It sounds like maybe he really wants to get outside. I don't think he's peeing out of spite... Maybe he's just very excited?
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Cats don't pee outside the box out of anger. They pee outside the box because they're sick or they're stressed - or because they're marking territory, which is unusual if they haven't exhibited the behavior for several years.

I think a trip to the vet is in order. Depending upon his genes in combination with what you feed him, he may have crystals in his urine, which causes pain when they pee. He have have cistitis, or be developing diabetes - there are any number of health reasons that cause cats to pee outside of the box. It is the number one thing a cat can do that says "get me to a vet, I need attention." What happens is they come to associate the pain from peeing (whatever's causing it) with the litter box, and then start to go outside of it.

Are you aware that pee must be cleaned with some type of enzyme cleaner? Any other type of cleaner will NOT clean up the smell to kitty's nose, and the smell alone will entice him to continue to pee outside of the box.

If he gets the "all clear" healthwise, then helping him deal with whatever is stressing him is in order. Feliway spray (or as mentioned above, the diffuser) should help. Bach's Flower Essences help some cats. Extra play often helps.
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