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What type of kitten do I have?

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Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone could ID my new kitten.

Here are a couple pictures of him:

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Domestic short hair gray tabby? That's my best guess.. he resembles my Lolly.
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Grey domestic shorthair. Very handsome boy!
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Silver with white domestic shorthair. Can't quite see pattern but probably a mackeral tabby.
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Thank You, everyone!

I apologize for my ignorance; this is my first cat, so I'm not very proficient at determining their breeds.

I found him outside my home. I'm assuming someone didn't want him so they threw him outside. He was about 5 weeks old or so when I took him in.

Brought him to the vet for a check up; I have to go back in a week to get some shots done.

It's a bit different because I've only had dogs. I have a 12 year old Keeshond/Collie mix "Brownie", and I've been socializing them a little day by day. Brownie is mellow enough and loves playing with the kitten. Yesterday, he started licking the kitten like one of his own.

Thanks Again!
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What a little cutie!!! Have you named him yet? Just asking cuz the minute I saw his picture I felt he looked like like a little "Foxie" ... what a little charmer!
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He`s a pretty little guy whatever he is! I`m brand new to cats too and rescued/adopted my first kitten several months ago.I learned a lot from the people on this site.They are great!

You are going to find out that cats are pretty good companions and more loveable than most ppl think.
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Very handsome boy! I love the white feet.
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He's a cutie, that's what kind of kitty he is!! He's a little tabby cat. Does he have 6 toes on his front paws?
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He's the beautiful kind of cat! Bless you for taking this baby in - I know you'll be rewarded a thousand-full.
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A very cute Blue Mackerel Tabby & White domestic shorthair. He's not silver, its a blue color.
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Except for the white on him, he could pass as one of the original African Wildcats which wandered into the Egyptian villages looking for an easy life and became the ancestors of all modern domestic cats.

And he looks like he likes you a lot.
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Awww! Look at that cutie!

Thank you for rescuing him and bringing him into be part of your family. He looks like he's totally in his element!
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I say you have a very cute kitten.
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Wow. He's amazingly beautiful.
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Thank You everyone for such nice words. I certainly appreciate all of your enthusiasm and support!
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He is an adorable domestic silver tabby! Those cute little mittens! I bet he has a golden belly, with black spots? Or is there a white stripe? The black eyeliner surrounded by white, the M on the forehead, the heavy black bands across the front legs......Take lots of pictures as he grows up, one of the beautiful things to watch with tabby's is how much their markings change! I know, I am a big fan!
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Awe what a cutie! He looks like a cat I rescued last year.
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Whatever he is, he's sure cute!!!
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He's gorgeous and we need to see more of him
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Originally Posted by iheartstrays View Post
Whatever he is, he's sure cute!!!
Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
He's gorgeous and we need to see more of him
I agree with both of these statements! I also have to say I love when kittens ears look too big for their head. He is so cute!
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Based on my expert opinion (yeah right! ) I came to the conclusion that he is


a cat! A plain wonderful DSH kitten! Got one just like him from animal control back in February named Jason whose color has more brown than him. Breed doesn't matter, but temperament does and you seem to have a sweet boy!
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Awwwwwwwwwwww, I have one very similiar! Mine is Emily! Your's is gorgeous!
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Here's an update on Sam. I took him to the vet on the 28th (along with a fecal sample) and the vet called today and told me that he has Giardia. I picked up the liquefied Metronidazole, so I have to administer that every day for a week. He should be fine, though, he hasn't had diarrhea once since I've had him. I've been doing research on it, and it seems that the most common symptom of Giardia is diarrhea...

I've taken some more pictures over the weeks. I can't believe how much he has grown!

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Those are some great pictures! Sam is so lucky to have found you. He looks very well loved and absolutely adorable.
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I know you asked a wee while ago - but he's a brown tabby and white (Don't know where my fellow breeders got blue and silver from? )
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
but he's a brown tabby and white (Don't know where my fellow breeders got blue and silver from? )
He does look silver in the first pics on my monitor. The newer pics I do agree with you Sam, defiantly brown with white.
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Cutie-pie, big time!!!!
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He looks so mischievous, such a darling Do enjoy him, kits grow up way too fast
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