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Ugly Maggie...I fell in love tonight!

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DH and I went to the county fair...mainly for the food (polish sausages ) but also to see the animals. After visiting the rabbits and goats and horses , we moved on to the exepetion booths under the grandstands where people display jewlery, t-shirt, ask you to sign up for credit cards, etc. Well the first booth was an animal rescue. It was called "The Ark of Hope". And they had animals there. I was melting. They had 5 dogs. 3 were rescued from a home where for 1 year didn't see the light of day. They were kept in the food and water...did their business where ever they wanted and had no human contact except for at dinner time. They were choc lab/huskie mix. One was pure choc coloring except for blue eyes! I was so tempted and they were SO good for not being socialized or trained (they rescued them 3 weeks ago).

They had a cage with 4 kittens but 3 were already adopted and the 4th was being adopted while we were there! But the one that captured my heart was Ugly Maggie.

She was the most unique cat I've ever seen. Her old owners (stupid) called her that because she was a tortie and apparently they didn't know what torties were? :shrug:. But she was such a light tortie that you almost couldn't where the white stopped and the gray and orange began. The only place you could really see the coloring was on the face. She had a light orange stripe that separated her eyes and ran down to her nose. She almost looked like a Monet painting....and she wasn't adopted yet. She was 1 year old (still looked like a kitten) had all her shots...and was a big love bug!

She was sleeping when I saw her, and I reached into her cage to give her lovins. She got up...streatched...gave me head butts...and rolled over on her back so I could scratch her tummy! Yeah...I was in love! I just wish I could have taken her home with me right then and there! She clawed her way into my heart and curled up to take a nap. But, with 7 indoor cats (plus 4 kittens we're trying to find homes for) and 4 dogs DH would have killed me!

Of course, I found out later he knew one of the women at the rescue place and gave her our phone number in case they need foster homes for maybe I could still bring her home...on a temporary basis??? (I LOVE it that my husband is a sucker for animals too!)
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Must be something in the air, I just adopted another one too (who is a calico). My reasoning was since I already have six one more won't make much of a difference to the budget (knock on wood). You could probably work out the same reasoning when you have seven
post #3 of 10're an angel for wanting to help her!

What's 1 more when you have 7? I had 9 (I just posted about this this other on the SOS forum); 2 died this year, so we think we'd like to take in another needy baby. Ours would have to be FELV+ to live with our cats. We're hoping to find an unadoptable FeLV+ kitten.

Your husband and mine must compare notes! He's a sucker for cats in need (actually, all animals, though he's definitely a cat person first). Apart from one of our cats, he's the one to blame for the other 8! But, I love him so much for that reason. A big, tough, manly Marine--who turns into a cupcake when he sees a kitty! He's always showing me cute cat pics online, and I often find him in the greeting card section, looking for cat-themed cards.

I hope you can take Beautiful Maggie in! I also have a Maggie--Marge, who is the 1 reason I am to blame for bringing home a cat! She was a litter of 5 dumped-off 4-week-old kittens we found where I work. They were all sick with colds, and eye infections, ear mites, worms, and lots of flea bites--and they were starving. We think mama cat died about 1 week or so before, or wasn't dumped off with them. I had them all sittign in a box by my desk, and she kept crawling out to sit in my lap. Someone else took the other 4; nobody would take Marge. I couldn't let her go to a shelter, esp. the local SPCA, might kill her. No way! She turn 5 next week!
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How can anyone call a 'tortie' ugly, my Autumn is a tortie and I think she is the cutest little thing, you will see her picture here. You're a special person for having so many animals who needed a home, hope you get this little one as a foster so she will not only be in your heart but in your home.
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When I adopted my 2 girls, the lady described the kittens over the phone as 2 oranges tabbies and one that was "ugly like her mom". When I picked them up, I saw the mom who was a beautiful tortie! I said she was not ugly but very pretty! The lady said that I would like the kitten and I fell in love at first site! We took home Rusty and Dusty that very day!!
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Originally Posted by LaRussa View Post
How can anyone call a 'tortie' ugly, my Autumn is a tortie and I think she is the cutest little thing, you will see her picture here.
My "rescue girl", Kasey, is a dary tortie like Autmn, except that all her face is dark and so are her wiskers. It is funny to see these bright eyes in a dark face.

She is about 8 to 10 yers old.

I took her from one of our compay's installations in May 2008.

She has known me since she was there, as a kitten, since I traveled there several times/month. In her early years, she was well cared for but in the past couple years, with changes there, she was not. After seeing her when I was up there on a job, I came back about 10 days later with a cat carrier and that was it.

She is very happy and healthy now as an indoor cat. As her health came back, her fur came in thick and shiney and she had more ginger across her back but she is very dark; certainly not ugly
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I don't know if it's a regional thing or not, but I've heard people in my neck of the woods call tortoiseshells "money cats." They are considered by some to be good luck!

Here's hoping you find a good home, "Ugly" Maggie!
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Originally Posted by motoko9 View Post
I don't know if it's a regional thing or not, but I've heard people in my neck of the woods call tortoiseshells "money cats." They are considered by some to be good luck!

Here's hoping you find a good home, "Ugly" Maggie!
LOL, in that case I should be rich! Four of mine are torties (Corky has a little orange coloring on her face but it's very pale, so I guess that counts). Little One's coloring is my favorite though...I love the dark torties.

Well, I talked to DH about it yesterday and he said he didn't care if we foster her!! Of course, he realizes if we bring her home to "foster" she's never going to leave!

I don't know though...I feel like I'm spread so thin now with 7 indoor (3 do go outside at times) cats, 4 dogs, 4 kittens to find homes for, 2 barn cats that come in to partake of the nightly buffet, and all the outdoor barn cats. I'm afraid if I bring her into this zoo she won't get the attention that she needs and deserves. But on the other hand, it's still better than spending months in a tiny crate. I also would have to get another litter box, which isn't a big deal except I'm running out of places to put them! And I have to see if she gets along well with dogs.

Looks like I'm making a phone call first thing tomorrow morning!
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It sounds as if you and your DH have big hearts. You'll have to keep us updated (and send a picture if you can). I want to see the cat with a face like a Monet painting!
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From the sounds of it, she's one of those pushy little darlings who is going to make sure you MAKE time to give her attention. I've got a few of those two.
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