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Kittens and the Kitty Condo

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I won this off Ebay, brand new 39" house. After my boyfriend put this together, they apparently went bonkers on it . Nacho, the orange/red tabby was trying to run off with the white mouse that is hanging from the top tower. Some of these may not be great w/lighting etc, but boyfriend took these while I was at work. PS ignore the little mess in the background

And after playing so hard in the condo, they decided it was time for a snooze.
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Aww, that's so cute! It seems you madea good investment with that kitty condo, they seem to love it. Nice!
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awww thats pretty kool

they look all played out bless them
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That first pic is awesome! You can hear him saying woo-hoo!! And the last one looks like they are watching tv.
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Thank you both! I discovered that they love that fuzzy blue blanket so off to the fabric store within the next week to buy some fleece to create a no-sew tie blanket for each of them
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They were definitely having a blast with their new kitty condo. I love the last pic of them about to conk out. Being a cute kitty is sooooo hard!
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Awwww tghe trees a huge hit
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Those lucky little babies
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