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Question of the Day: Tues. July 21

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It's an easy one:

K, fess up people: Do you still have stuffed animals?
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So many that they hang from a clothesline over my bed! The grandkids keep giving them to me, and if I leave them down the dogs will get them.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
It's an easy one:

K, fess up people: Do you still have stuffed animals?
Yep and I sleep with a teddy bear.
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I'm don't want to tell you how many I have.
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I do And yup, at times, I sleep with em.

I did purge a bunch of em a few years back because I had 4 extra large garbage bags full of them.
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
Yep and I sleep with a teddy bear.
OMG, so do I! Poor od Mr Ted, he's looking the worse for the wear these days.
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I have a couple of beanie babies and a stuffed cat that has a photo holder on it stomach and holds a picture of my girls, that friends gave me as a birthday present years ago!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
OMG, so do I! Poor od Mr Ted, he's looking the worse for the wear these days.
Dave bear gets washed every so often so he doesn't look too good either. I hate replacing my bedtime teddy.
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I used to have quite a few cat beanie babies but a dog I used to have chewed them all up I do have a polar bear that my Dad bought when he was in Alaska stuck in the headboard of my bed and of course there are little stuffed animals all over the house because those are the toys Vino (my dog) likes
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I only have a few. I have a stuffed unicorn that I made when I was in home economics in middle school and a few dragon and unicorn beanie babies. They are up on a shelf.
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
I'm don't want to tell you how many I have.

I have change it by my PDA with my earphones for listen music!...
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Looks like I am in the minority here. I don't have a single one.
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I have some on the backboard of my bed, but if you threw them away I could care less . I'm definitely a blinkie girl (yes, I'm 20 and still sleep with my blanket- leave me alone, don't hate! )The only stuffed animal I have ever really cared about was the ty beanie baby political donkey stuffed animal, with the american flag on his bum. (hope I don't get in trouble for this, but I call him "my jackass" lol. Fitting, right?) My dad got it for me, and since I've gotten older and actually become really interested in politics and all, the democratic donkey seems like the only fit for a stuffed animal for me! (I'm smelling it right now, and it smells like Pirate. Someone's been sleeping on Mommy's bed! )
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I have a brown teddy bear named Beauregard that I have had since I was about 4. He sits on my dresser and it is not uncommon for Sassy to knock him over so he can lay on him. And Pixie likes to groom him when the other kitties aren't available.
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I still sleep with my adorable stuffed white tiger that I've had since I was 10. His name is Orion.

He's looking pretty sad these days.
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Sassy sleeps on the "lap" of a teddybear my niece gave me years ago, and I still have the little "Marvin the Martian" stuffed toy that Freeway (RB) played with when he was a kitten.
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I own a few mostly from my cousins giving them to me. A few are from Build a Bear. As I don't sleep with any of them I do have a pillow that one of my grandmas sisters made for me that I can't be without.
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The only ones out though are smallish.
My window hanging treefrog, my Cat in the Hat, a cute little stuffed tiger I got for my birthday last year, a Hallmark Halloween cat, black with purple satin paw pads and ear insets (I think it was Midnight from 1997), and a pink bear my mom got me for Valentine's Day this year.

I have a whole collection of costumed Wishbones (the JRT from the PBS shows), including one that talks, a 6 foot cartoonish python, a very large white tiger the size of my dog and a huge panther also the size of my dog.
And of course Riley, my Webkinz pug.
Various beanies and a bunch more in storage.
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I think I definately have at least 400. If not more, seriously. I collected them when I was little, and have a spare room (and most of the loft) full of them
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I have (2) Winnie the Pooh bears from when I was an infant, 31 years ago , one is musical with a windup in the back the other is not. I have a Red Teddy Bear from DBF from our first Valentine's Day this past February and somewhere in my Grandma's house I have a garbage bag full of beanie babies.
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I don't have any stuffed animals any more. I gave all mine to Jaiden. He has about 50 here, 6 shelves, 4 trash bags full at my parents house and just about every beanie baby ever made

(Oh I did not give him my dragon or my eeyores those are mine!!! so I only have about 25)
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I still love Beanie Babies. I have a few of them....the dachshund, the chihuahua, a tiger, a fawn, a couple random Beanie Baby bears, the pink pig, which I re-named Mona after a James Taylor song, a little squirrel that I renamed Marvin after a children's story I wrote.

Besides the Beanie Babies, I have a little stuffed Greyfriar's Bobby dog that I got in Edinburgh when I was there doing some Fringe shows, and a little bear that my boyfriend gave me on Valentine's Day a few years ago. I also have a regular sized teddy that I named Rupert.

Larry's taken over a few of these.....I saw him lying on the floor with his front paw around Marvin. I wonder if he's trying to tell me something.
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Oh, yes. George, a blue dog, who was also a pyjama bag originally, lies on the hide-a-bed a few feet from me. Assorted others from my childhood are scattered in the bedroom and the study; Silvia, a white cat, reclines on the bed in the spare room; Garfield, who was my first Christmas gift from Rob, surveys the bedroom from the dresser, along with several bunnies, a tiger, and the leopard cub Rob sent with me when I went East to Mum's funeral -- he wasn't able to come, so he sent this little guy. And then, there's Abercrombie, a little bean bag tiger from the WWF. He's my computer mascot.
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Hummm...I have quite a few >.>;

Lol, a lot of them I 'collect', mainly the ones that look like my pets. lol I can't tell you how many german shepherd stuffies I have because they look like my dog xD
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I have my first stuffed animal, a bear I named Teddy, that I got the day I was born. I also have a few others I didnt want to part with over the years, as well as a stuffed black & white cat Rob bought me for Valentines Day one year.
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I have a small stuffed bear I bought and gave my grandfather in the hospital (several years ago). After he passed, it was given back to me. A small reminder of him.
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