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Some wedding pictures

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Here is some pictures from my wedding yesterday. It's just the ones my bridesmaids took with my camera before the ceremony. I will post some ceremony pictures later.

Me and my sister.
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Congratulations!! You look so beautiful! Can't wait to see some more pics!
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OMG sweetie, you look so beautiful! And you dress is gorgeous!! I love the pink accent! Congrats on the big day and enjoy your time with your new DH
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You look beautiful you look so happy dress is gorgeous
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Beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your day and that it was everything you dreamed it would be. Congrats!!
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You look lovely. I wish you and your DH many years of happiness together.

You and your sister look so alike!
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You look so beautiful! I love the dresses, yours with the pink accent and the bridmaid dresses with the white, very pretty!
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You look gorgeous!!! I love the dress!
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Congratulations! You look great. I like the pink sash.
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First of all, Congratulations!

you look beautiful. Love the dress. Now we need to see some pictures with hubby in them.
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The pink ribbon definately tied off the dress well and you looked lovely!!

I wish you a lifetime of happiness with your new hubby!!
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Congratulations! You looked beautiful!
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Oh my goodness your dress is gorgeous! I'm hoping I look as wonderful as all these recent brides in September! Congrats and many happy years.
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You are so beautiful, radiant, and confident! And the dress was gorgeous, especially with the pink accent (and the matching flowers). I love that shade of pink, and the colors are so becoming on you, too. You look so relaxed and happy.

Wishing you and your husband a lifetime of happiness together...
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Friends and family have uploaded some pictures for me so I have a few more now.

My husband, me and my mom

Our first dance

Walking down the isle with my uncle

Not a great picture but this was just after they pronounced us husband and wife.
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You look absolutely beautiful. I love your dress, flowers and cake . I wish you many happy years together
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Great photos! I love all the pink!
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You look beautiful!!!
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Congratulations - you look gorgeous and your hubby is a very handsome man. May you have a long and happy life together.

(PS your sister is beautiful too.)

Love your dress and the touch of pink really set it off. It was beautiful.
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Congrats!! Your dress is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
You are absolutely gorgeous. I your dress.

I hope it was a wonderful day for you and your hubby.

Many congrats, and I hope you guys have a wonderful, long, happy life together.

I'm sorry if its been ask but.... Are you going anywhere for a honeymoom?
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beautiful look so pretty in it..nice photos. love the one of you on the couch
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I hope your wedding day was all you hoped it could be and that you two will be very happy together!
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
I'm sorry if its been ask but.... Are you going anywhere for a honeymoom?
We are just going to Niagara Falls for a few days. We didn't have the money to go away somewhere. We are going to save and take a trip later in the year or beginning of next year.
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wonderful my friend,... you looks Teeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrific! gorgeous!
Thank you so much for share this with us!-...
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