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Jeanie G.

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I noticed you haven't posted anything for a few days. I hope everything is ok.
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Jeanie has left the site.
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Did I miss a thread? I'd like to know why Jeanie left, too.
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I've been wondering where Jeanie's been... guess I missed something.
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Jeanie G. has left the site due to unique personal circumstances. She is well but I prefer not to go into details out of respect for her privacy.

I wanted to do this earlier but now is a good chance as any to thank Jeanie for all her hard work as a moderator and for bringing so much to TCS as a member and a mod. Thank you Jeanie.
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Oh... well, I'm happy she's well, I was hoping nothing terrible happened.

We'll miss you Jeanie.
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Oh no!! who's gonna go on Road trip with us ?

I hope everything is really fine with you Jeanie, and I hope you will stop by to say hi, every now and again!!
We'll miss you Jeanie!!!
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Jeanie, we'll miss you.

We will continue to feed the hungry animals while you are gone. Hope to see you again. *hugs*
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OK, why does everyone keep leaving us?? Come back when you feel like it Jeanie! (9hugs))
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Jeanie, I always enjoyed reading your posts and going on those road trips with you. You will be missed!
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Kathy, I don't think that it is a matter of 'people keep leaving us all the time'. This is the internet, and it is common for forums to have members come and go. Not everyone always stays around forever. I think we are very lucky that we do have so many members who do stay for long stretches, but for those that move on, I don't think its in anyway a negative statement towards TCS.
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There is no doubt in my mind that Jeanie LOVED TCS, and all of us. She is so nice and friendly, and I will miss her dearly. I just wish I knoew what happened... although I totally respect her wish for privacy.

Jeanie, no matter what happened, you will always be welcome back here! we miss you already!
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I have spoken with Jeanie via e-mail and she is disappointed to have left, but at this time she has no other option. I can say that no one should expect her to come back. She was loved here and will be missed by many people - I am one of them. I am extremely saddened by her abrupt departure.
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Ady, I do not know anything about this situation, but PLEASE tell Jeannie that she is truly missed. She did a wonderful job here and did a tremendious amount of good for many many animals. She is in my thoughts and prayers!
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I will miss her.
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I don't think I can find the appropriate words to type in here. My memories of you here will forever be in my heart. You were one of the first ones that I got to know and respect and love. You welcomed me with open arms and have kept in touch with me since day one.

I hope you know that you have touched the lives of many here...

You know where to find me.

Love you!

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Who's going to drive on our road trips?
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I stopped by here tonight (on the now rare occsassion that I do )to check out a question I had and was also very sad to learn that Jeanie has left TCS.

I always felt that she handled the Bridge forum with empathy and deep personal sympathy for every pet's owner who had a loved one cross over. Her words of kindness came thru in every post.

She was also at times a voice of reason in discussions and a person of integrity and deep personal convictions.

This is indeed a sad turn of events and one member that TCS will and should miss deeply - I know that the few times I stop in from time to time I always looked to see what Jeanie had been up to and it was always wonderful - Good luck to you Jeanie where ever you land to whatever site you may join next is fortunate to have you to count as a member!
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