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Don't ever discount those meows

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Tonight, as I was preparing dinner, Kahuna came into the kitchen and started meowing his head off. I tossed him some meat pieces telling him not to let the others know he was getting preferential treatment. He ate them readily enough, but he kept up his crying.

I picked him up and felt him all over looking for anything that might be wrong, but found nothing out of the ordinary, so I gave him a hug, and put him down on the floor again. His meows filled the kitchen and as I was roaming around getting items out of cupboards and closets, he became my shadow, though not a silent one.

Normally, this type of meowing only happens at night before we go to bed. He is so spoiled, he gets a full tummy rub and a nice scratch, gets to give me a face wash, and then he gets to commandeer my feet as I snuggle down into the bed. For him to meow like this, this early was not like him at all.

Once again, I scooped him up and made another investigation to see if I could find something wrong. Nothing seemed out of place, he had no wounds, no lumps, no bumps, but his meows were getting a bit frantic now. I carried him into the living room and laid him on his favorite chair, so that I could really search him, and right before I was about to give up, and chalk all this noise up to his being spoiled, my fingers grazed over the tip of his tail, and he growled. I called Mike in to hold him down, and very gently I probed his tail to discover a foxtail had taken hold of the very end and was working its way down into his skin... I pulled out the invader and put neosporin into the small hole and was rewarded by a grateful Kahuna wrapping his paws around me and giving me a thorough face cleaning! LOL I love my kitties!
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Wow! What beautiful children you have!!! And to get them all in one place for a picture is a feat in itself! They are beautiful. Which one is kahuna?
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you have some beautiful kitties! I'm glad it turned out to be a small foxtail and not something worse!
Make sure you spoil your poor rotten until his tail heals!
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Poor little Kahuna. Well, he surely complained to the right person! I must admit I have no idea what a foxtail could be. What is it?

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me either, what is a foxtail, hissy ?

i love reading your stories, your cats have become my cats, vicariously

you are a great mom, one of the best, one in a million. just like everyone here.

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Ttapestry, The black and white one is Ripster, Bacardi is in front (yes she is part racoon!) LOL Kahuna is behind with the big stripes on his paws...

Mr. Cat and Blue, a foxtail is an invasive weed plant that looks like a big blade of grass except at the very end there are branches of spikes coming off the top. The spikes turn very bristly and stick to almost anything they touch. They are not poison, but they are a nuisance and although we pull them the minute we see them in our backyard, they grow everywhere else especially in the fields behind our creek.
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Oh Hissy....what a beautiful story and what beautiful cats!!!
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Wow, that's the Ripster? Was that photo taken recently? Hw is she, BTW?

Anyhow, poor Kahuna! Not too long after we'd gotten Fidget, our Shih Tzu, he started acting like he felt bad and was wheezing. My mom took him to the vet and he had a HUGE foxtail up his nose! Not only that, the foxtail was in there bristly side up! How that little puppy with such small nostril acomplished that one is beyond me!
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That is one smart cat. I'm glad you didn't give up. I was also wondering what a foxtail was. Glad he's doing okay. I'm not sure we have foxtails in Connecticut. I know we do have thistles and stuff like that that can attached themselves to fur and be painful.

You're one heck of a kitty mom!
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That was quite a story and I am glad that I got to see a pic of Ripley......

I am also glad we don't have that weed around here!
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We have foxtail all over the place here, too....but usually the "bristles" are fairly soft. It might be a different kind.
We do have some kind of weed, can't think of the name, that has very hard spikey things, they are round and usually only a half an inch long or so....and they stick to everything if you walk through them...I hate pulling them off of my socks!!
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