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Mom andFloyd have to move

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Floyd is lounging under the steps. Little boy stomps at the ground trying to provoke Floyd. Floyd scratches boy. Boys mother complains to apartment manager. Manager: "declaw Floyd or get rid of him". Mom: "I'm moving".

Floyd is an inside outside cat. His outdoor area now is a cat heaven. Lawn, thick fence row, over grown dry lake bed. His new home later this month will not be so nice (though the apartment is way nicer). Thought in back of mom's mind is what will happen when she allows Floyd to go out after they move. It is only about a half mile from where she lives now.

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Well.... Are you moving for sure? What if you make him an inside cat going outside only under supervision? I think this would be my solution for either apartment - safer for both of you
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With new home so close in distance to old home, Floyd will go right back there and lounge under those same steps.

If new area is not so nice equals not so safe, I agree with carlolinalima. Better to work on Floyd being an indoor only cat than have him get injured at the new place or worse...something happen to him traveling to the old place.

If you decide he must be inside/outside, the process is to keep him inside only and then outside supervised until he is acclimated to the new place. I would think this time frame would be different for each cat. Being so close to old place may take longer.

Good luck with the move.
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IMO he should just be an indoor cat. But you can train him to a harness/leash and go out with him for awhile. Otherwise, he will return to the "old" home.
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Mom is moving. She believes Floyd loves his outdoors. I will try to get her to supervise diligently.
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Mom and Floyd moved last week. Mom is still supervising his outdoor time but he shows no propencity toward wandering. He has gone no further than 25 feet from her door. I think he is a very smart cat.
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I just wanted to say that it's too bad your mom had to move, but it's pretty awesome that she would do so rather than declaw her buddy! I hope Floyd remains safe and well in his new home.
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