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Urine on furniture

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Indoor cat has urinated at least 5 times on 2 expensive leather furniture pieces, 3 on the love seat and at least 2 on/in the recliner.

This happened over the past few weeks and I have been here, i.e. not out of town, when it happened. I didn't see it happen, but only the two of us live here. It certainly wasn't me.

I had managed to spot-clean pretty well and was beginning to enjoy the absence of a urine smell when... I can't clean up again until I know this isn't likely to recur.

I'm not angry and I don't want to get rid of the cat, but I'm ready to start over with a new kitten. Cat #1 is an adult but not elderly, so I figure would be safe in the country. That is preferable to a pound.

The vet didn't seem to think it was unusual behavior and didn't think it indicated a medical problem, either. Still, I've done all I can and I'm not waiting for my remaining furniture to be soiled.

If you're going to tell me I should keep the cat, I ask you: Would you consider adoption?
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If you don't want us to tell you to keep the cat and to offer advice, then what would you like us to say? What are you asking?
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AbbysMom, thanks for the response.

I'm not happy with the alternatives I now have. I was at least half-serious with the last question, though. I know there are many here who love cats enough to deal with this. After living with it for several weeks now, I know that isn't me.

I posted because I am seeking advice.
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Well then you've come to the right place.

Personally I am concerned because your vet didn't think it was unusual behavior. Many times in cats it is indicative of an urinary tract infection and that should be ruled out before suggesting it is behavioral. Did he do any tests to rule out an infection?
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Find another vet. If this is a sudden behavior change, the most likely cause of urinary problems is a health issue. Every good vet knows this.

Make sure you have cleaned the spots with a good enzyme cleaner - one that neutralizes odors. My favorite is Nok Out (sold online only). It's a little pricey but far less than the cost of new furniture. Cat's have remarkable noses and will notice smells that you cannot. Any little bit of remnant smell will cause them to return to that spot over and over again.

If your cat is not neutered, please do so.

Make sure you are meticulous with your litter box(es). Scoop every day and get a new box if the smell is saturated into the plastic.

Make sure he has at least 2 boxes - 1 to pee in and the other to poop in. Some cats just refuse to use the same box for both.

Try using Cat Attract litter. I have a cat with chronic urinary issues and Cat Attract was the one thing that has gotten him back to use the box consistently.

And most of all, don't give up on this kitty. There are so many things you can do to correct the issue.
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AbbysMom and Momofmany, thank you. I will find a new vet.

Hopefully I can report a happy ending here later.

¡Mil gracias!
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