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Soooo needy! + Waking me at 5 am!!!! + etc

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I'm about at my wit's end with my kitten. I can understand her being needy as I work 40 hours a week, though it is annoying with her in my face constantly when I am home. She is such a cry baby. Seriously I've never seen another cat cry this much. If I go in the kitchen she's at my feet crying, if I get on the computer she's in front of my monitor crying, if I close the bathroom door she yowls at it until I open it. I feel bad but the crying is begining to wear on me. I hope she'll grow out of it? She's about 15 weeks old, and after september I'll be done with work and she'll have more people around her and hopefully that will help.

My main problem though is that she wakes me at 5 am! Almost like clockwork! I get up at 6:30 ish, unless it's a weekend. At first she started waking me when I started stirring, which was when my alarm went off. That was nice because it kept me from falling back asleep. But that stopped. Then she started waking me at 2 or 5 or both. Licking my nose and purring loudly. I don't know what to do! If i push her away or fuss at her she just comes right back. Today I think I finally hurt her feelings after the 10th time shoving her away from my face.

Also she has destroyed my beautiful headboard. It's one of those fabric ones....I made it myself and I can't replicate it. And she has climbed all over it. She has a scratching board, a scratching post thingy, all the toys a cat could want, but she destroys my headboard and I've noticed her clawing my couch lately too! I try to keep her nails trimmed but I can't do it every day as currently I have to sneak up on her when she's asleep otherwise she sounds like a bobcat!

I just don't know what to do. I love Riot, but she's causing so much trouble.... :c
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I am sorry you are having a hard time. Our cats have not yet destroyed anything, but sure enough they have been "kicked out" of our bedroom at night several times. Our newest adoptee is 6 years old and although the same breed as our kitten she is a talker. She meows quite a bit and we were not getting any sleep. Now, when we are ready for bed, she stays outside our bedroom. The kitten isn't as vocal, but he loves to sleep with us. He will stay sometimes all night, sometimes he is also out of the door. He likes to give us kisses and clean our eyes at 2 in the morning
What I have been trying to do is to play as much as possible with them right before I head to bed myself. That seems to help.
Good luck
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