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How do you take your coffee ?

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3 sugars and 2 creams, please

and if it's a bigger mug then usual, the more sugar the better

oh, and a cigarette oooooops

at least for today

i just love coffee hey where's the coffee-drinking smiley ?

*note to self* must find coffee-drinking smiley :laughing:
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I ended up with a headache from lack of coffee this morning!!
I have to have real half and half, I would say 3 creams, but I go by color...VERY LIGHT and 2 sugars. I have found myself addicted to folgers, but I like Dunkin Donuts on occasion. This is only because there are no Starbucks close by. I am drinking a cup as we speak (I went and bought a gallon of half and half today!).
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i am also drinking a cup right now, i love coffee, i'm wondering if i will have to give it up
when i quit smoking...

i dont really care about the kind, except i do have a few preferences, favourites...

i like freshly ground coffee best, nothing with a flavour added, like hazlenut, or something.

we have a quaint, lovely coffeeshop here, called 'The Green Beanz'
or, 'The Bean' as we regulars call it, they have the absolute best coffee.

their 'Houseblend' or 'Organic' (which is caffienated!)

i buy it when i can afford it it's a little pricey

as are all my sweet indulgences though !

by the way, i also get bad headaches if we run out of coffee and i dont have it in the morning
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I'm a total coffee freak too!!! I go for black coffee-I don't function without it. Starbuck's espresso roast is the best!
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yuck !!!!!!! black coffee !!!!

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I like my coffee light with 1 1/2 Equals. I only drink one cup a day in the morning even though I do work nights. Hey blue, how's your no campaign coming along??? I smoked very briefly after my divorce but gave it up . My mom died of lung cancer at the age of 44 so my father freaked out when he found out. Good luck.
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I also tend to go by color..LOL....one sweet and low and perhaps a little Irish Cream. I get headaches too if I haven't had it by a certain time. I am also addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper....and cigarettes unfortunately. Caffiene and nicotene seem to go so well together! Anyway, fresh ground only for me although the grinder sends my cats in a tizzy!
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That's right, I like it "strong"! I can't stand "weak" coffee. I love the fancy-shmancy coffee drinks at those coffee places, but that's a luxury I can seldom afford.

Although I enjoy the addition of cream and sugar — or fake cream and fake sugar if the real items aren't available — at home I just drink it "black." Cafe solo.

I buy "French roast" beans and grind them in the store — the bigger the store the better, as it's cheaper at those places. It's been ages since I've used canned coffee because, for reasons unknown to me, "Chock Full O' Nuts" brand isn't sold hereabouts; and other brands of canned coffee are awful.

When I run out of coffee and it's the end of the month, I drink tea. But it's just not the same thing!

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i love tea, Mr.Cat !

and i also take my coffee strong nothing else is good enough !
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Ttape....I also love Diet Dr. Pepper!

And as far as my coffee goes....I like it strong...and I like a little cream in it...preferably flavored....like vanilla or Irish Creme, and just enough sugar to sweeten it a tad....but if I have the flavored creams, I don't need sugar....they sweeten it just beautifully!
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Light and sweet, just like me (no remarks from my volunteers and friends, thank you).
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Cofee, COFFEE, "Coffee" C O F F E E !!!!! Love it, Love it, LOVE IT! I drink mine strong and with half and half (yes sir, Sandie; I buy mine by the quart only because I've never seen it sold in MO. by the 1/2 gallon)

I was gonna say I like my coffee STRONG & DARK like my men :laughing: but I gotta have that cream.

My sister, gotta love her, makes coffee so "weak" you can read thru it! I have had bad weekends when my pee was darker! (excuse me)

For the last year one of the extravagances I have allowed myself is membership to "Gevalia", the gourmet coffee club. They send you a FREE 10cup coffe maker when you join and you get to choose how much coffee you want sent and how often and what type. (they have over 50 to choose from and you can change off as much as you like) I get 4 lbs. (fresh ground, vaccuum sealed in 8oz. pacs) every 10 wks. and it costs less than $25.00 (including s&h) Does anyone else here belong to "Gevalia" ? It is the best coffee I have ever used (except for some I had in Portugal that I can't seem to get sent over here) I guess when I gave up booze and cigarettes and men I had to substitute something. . . .
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I don't drink coffee, makes my breath smell bad!

If I do drink it though, it's gotta be decaf as caffeine and my brain just don't mix. And I like it with lots of creamer (I like my coffee beige) and no sugar.
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that's it illusion ! we simply cannot be friends, i'm sorry

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A couple of sugars and Carnation French Vanilla cream!!!!! Yum!!!! Makes it worth getting up in the morning!
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After 28 years as an over the road truck driver I look for only two things...strong and wet How to tell the difference between truck stop coffee and diesel fuel.. if it is robust and full of flavor and tastes mmmmm good...that was the diesel fuel!!!!
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I love your "coffee test"! I recall back when Mad Comics first hit the street during the early 1950s (prior to its becoming Mad Magazine) there was an "article" about coffee in one of the early editions. The test for good coffee was that a horseshoe had to float in it. If the horseshoe sank, the coffee was too weak!

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I have a confession--I don't drink coffee.

However, I need to share my Grandma's way of making coffee. She believed that it could never be strong enough the first time through the filter, so she'd brew a pot and then send it through again. She also used 25% more coffee grounds than were recommended for the amount of water. Her coffee looked like ink. Her friends said it tasted the way it looked.
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I only had one mug this morning and still missing it....
I like it with a dash of milk and unsweetened. I hate sweet coffee.
My favourite is Jacobs or Edusho (Tschibo when I don't have enough $$). coffee is part of my morning routine so I rarely have it during the day except instant coffee with milk and crushed sugar but I wouldn't call it coffee proper
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i am just about to brew some coffee to go with all the cleaning i have to do !

hopefully it will provide the much needed energy


my grandma also makes it strong, but, fortunately it is 'just right'
i love it, i love it !!!

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I try not to drink coffee because it turns me into the tasmanian devil. I tend to walk around the office singing & dancing after a cup. just can't seem to sit still. I do really enjoy coffee though so I probably have it 2 or 3 times a month. I like mine extremely light as well (high five Sandie!) and sweet. like drinking a piece of pie.....mmmmmm
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hmm... coffee just doesnt have that affect on me anymore, though, when
i first started drinking it, it would keep me up all night, flying, just flying...

now, i am completely adjusted, i think ! i can drink it right before bed, if i want !
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I like mine with flavored cream or coffee that already has a flavor. I've tried the Neslte Columbian Beans and I love it. I also stick to foldgers. One thing you might like is get some foldgers o Nescafe(If any of you have it. You boil the water with a stick of cinnamon, then put the coffee and sugar in and it is really good. But I can't have a good day with at least one cup of coffee.
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I dont drink coffee because I never could get a taste for it. I dont drink regular tea either. Just green tea with Kombucha and herbal teas.
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Hahaha... what a funny topic.

Okay so I can drink any kind of coffee really with just a little cream and sugar. But my preffered way of drinking coffee, in which I do every morning before work... are you ready?

Fresh ground coffee and French Vanilla ice cream.
Mmm... probably not good for dieters, but it is so good!
and cools it down so you can drink it right away!! :laughing:
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I have to have two cups of coffee every morning. I like it with just half and half (no powdered stuff for me!). I really prefer Starbucks house blend beans, but I'm cheap so I usually have Foldgers. When the kids are eating breakfast, I take my coffee and read up on the boards each morning. I feel lost without this routine!

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Originally posted by blue
that's it illusion ! we simply cannot be friends, i'm sorry

*lol* I LOVE the taste of coffee, Blue, but I just cant drink it! My mom won't buy a can of decaf just for me while everyone esle in the house who drinks coffee has to have it caffenated.

Caffeine really drives me bonkers
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Oh swalker....the coffee with french vanilla ice-cream sounds good! i will have to try that!
I also forgot to mention that another way I love my coffee (but NOT in the morning....LOL.....) is with a shot of Bailey's Irish Creme!!!
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i have to admit i had a tad too much caffiene yesterday, too much coffee, too much tea

i was a little crazy :laughing:

i found myself laughing uncontrollably while watching my leg twitch uncontrollably

i also like ice cream in my coffee, Shannon and a little Baileys every once in
awhile, Debby

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Oh, Baileys... I love Baileys, and not in coffee either. I love it on ice. I need to try it in coffee though. I wish it wasn't so expensive! (Boy, I guess I am cheap!)

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