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Our very first member

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Who will out very first member?

Don't be shy - register and let's start talking!

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Oooh, is it me? Am I the first? Do I get a special prize?

I'm blinc (Laura) from N. Carolina. I was raised in Michigan, but LOVE it down here - the weather is beautiful! (Well, except for the hurricanes)! We currently have four cats. All rescues from the local area. They are:

Stash - because she has a half a mustache. She's black and white with long hair.
Smelly - because he's a smelly little bugger, but we still love him! Mostly black except his face and feet, which are white, short hair.
Puff - because ever since she was a kitten she's all hair and looks like a big puffball! Black and white with long hair.
Frenchie - because she sleeps with her tongue stuck out. She's all black with short hair.

What about your cats? What are their names?
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You're the very first member - other than myself that is...

Welcome to TCS forums!

Seems like I was so excited last night I actually forgot to introduce my cats... Can I still be the administrator or do you think I should resign?

Well, let me makes amends and introduce them now -

Mishmish - the torbie on the logo. A beautiful and strong-charactered 2 years old. She's a real beauty with a silky coat in the most amazing combinations of tabby and tortoiseshell. She's very assertive - she knows exactly what she wants and she usually gets it. She was rescued along with her 4 brothers at the age of 4 weeks. They were abandoned by some heartless people who couldn't be bothered to spay their cat. I am happy to say that we found good homes for all of them, leaving Mishmish with us.

Gezer - A large sweet cream tabby. He was adopted from a local shelter to keep Mishmish company. He's a bit shy and hides from strangers, but once you gain his trust he's a purring bundle of joy.

Kiki - a sweet white and gray 4 months old. He's a stray that I found a couple of weeks ago and is waiting for a good home. As a matter of fact, my mom wants to have him and we're waiting for her to get all the necessary equipment.

That's all - we have our own 2 cats and a guest.
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HI! I'm new here too! I have 3 cats, Akira - is a tannish orange tabby I found in the parking lot at my job. Tippie- is and orange and white kitty. She's very beautiful but unfortanatly not very friendly. And Yoda- is my baby! He is one of Tippies babies just born this August. Her first and last litter of course! Yoda is confused, he thinks he's a dog! He wags his tail all the time and when we get home he runs to the door and jumps up on us!
Well Just wanted to pop in and say hello!
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Welcome Kezzer!

Good to see you here!

We now have 3 humans and 9 cats on TCS forums!!!
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You have done a wonderful job Anat. Lets see here's alittle about me:

Live in Texas
Married 24 years
43 (until January) years old
2 daughters 23 & 17 years old
2 of the most beautiful cats (I swear)

Tosha: We have had her for 4 1/2 years. She is a gorgeous long haired blue gray some kinda cat. She has lime green eyes and is so spoiled I can't begin to tell you. Our oldest daughter brought her home to us from a baby sitting job she was on. They had several cats and dogs and several small children. She said Tosha was kinda overwhelmed by all of it (she was about 5 months old then). So she asked them if she could have her and the mother was thrilled.

Tomorrow: My husband rescued her from a storm where she was almost submerged in water. She had been abandoned by her mom. She is a long haired grey,white,yellow and brown kitten who is about 6 months old now. After several vet trips she recovered well. My daughter named her from an Audrey Hepburn movie. It goes like this: If we are having a bad day (i.e. someone hurts our feelings) we just pick her up and hug her and say everything will be better Tomorrow. Isn't that too cute?

Well thats our little family.

Hope to be sharing all our little cat tips, stories and love for our little ones.

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Hi CJ!

Welcome! I'm so happy to see you an Tosha and Tomorow here!
Such lovely cat stories! How old was Tomorow when you rescued her?
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Hi everybody!
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Hi Jim!

Thanks for droppping by. I guess you're not going to tell us about your cats

Did you ever have a cat? Or as is more polite to say - have you ever been owned by a cat?

Anyway, I remember the thread in MarriedAdults, where you explained that people don't actually have to be maaried or adults. Maybe I start one here about not having to have a cat to join the forums
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Tomorrow was 2 weeks old when we found her. Part of the Vet expense was my own fault. I was trying to feed her baby oatmeal in kitten formula. Seems her little system wasn't ready to handle that. I got her to the vet and they gave her some liguids under the skin to re-hydrate her, a shot for diarrhea, and told me to feed her Pedialite with some karo syrup. If she was still alive by that evening she would more than likely survive. That was the longest afternoon. Talk about cyring. By late that evening she started responding to the karo mixture (they think her blood sugars were out of whack). She has been a handful every since. She doesn't act the least bit grateful either

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Just wanted to say I adore the names you guys have come up with for your cats! They are unusual as all get out - Love it!
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I personally have no cats, but I love the way the place looks. You did a fine job.
Take care cat lovers!
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WElcome Meow!

Great user name you got

I hope we'll see you around. You don't have to have a cat to join us. We welcome the catless in our forum .
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I've never had any cats. I'm extremely allergic. I've had mice, rats, and dogs as pets--all sworn enemies of cats if you believe cartoons.
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Hi there!!! I got this website from a link in the married adults forums!!! I am so glad too, because I have 10 cats. 9 adults and 1 kitten....they are all outside cats, as I live on a big farm in Iowa, so lots of room for them....let me tell you about them.... I have Tabby (Tabitha) first of all....the first cat I got...she is a fluffy grey and white cat. and she had 5 kittens that came with her...two grey and white ones that look just like her, except with short hair (er, fur that is) they are named Oscar and Phoebe. I actually thought Phoebe was a male at first, so I had named them Felix and Oscar, but when I realized Felix was a female, I tried to come up with a female name that sounded close to it....hence, Phoebe. The other three of her kittens were Smoke, a short haired grey male with white feet, Sheba, a long haired female that is completely black, and Sebastion, a long haired male that is completely black. they are all grown up now...I used to have a hard time telling Sheba and Sebastion apart unless I picked them up and looked (lol) but now it is easy...poor Sebastion got his tail caught somewhere...we never did find out how...and now he has about three inches missing off of it...poor guy...course I medicated it and he is fine, it healed. So that is six of the ten, so heres the rest...I rescued these two from the animal shelter when they were kittens...Fluffy who is a long haired beige female, and Patches who is a grey female with patches of beige color all over her...her chin is really cute, half grey, half tan!!! Peaches is a cat I got from a guy I work with and she is long haired white and orange colored. then last but not least...Merlin...he is the baby....I spoil him!! He is about 6 or 7 weeks old now,and he is soft and fuzzy with grey and white coloring. ( I talk alot don't I...just ask the people in the other forums I am on....LOL)
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Welcome Debby!

Wow, that's a lot of cats you have there! They sound really cute!

If I haven't lost count - we now have 12 humans and 21 cats in the forums!
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I didn't join until a bit later. Debby was the second moderator, Anne of course being the first.
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This is so interesting... i love it... it is nice to rekindle good moments...

i was wondering what is the approximate no. of members now?

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I think it tells you how many members when you first log onto the forums! I wonder what number member I am???
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This is so neat to read! It's hard to believe the site was ever that small, now that it's so big!
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Wow, Debby's first post. That is amazing.
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We now have 3,964 members. In the last two weeks 58 people have joined us. Thankfully not all the people post. The feedback we are getting says this board is used for resources and for entertainment value. Some people prefer not to post and when they have a cat question, they seek out the appropriate person and PM or email them. It is nice to see that Anne's initial reason for opening this is still in play today. Our website is used as a teaching tool in a lot of classrooms around the world. Pretty cool way to introduce kids to the responsibilies of owning a cat.
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Wow that was a major flashback!! It was kind of sad though too, since Blinc, the first member died recently.
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Gosh, seeing Laura's post sure hurts - she was a wonderful young woman. May she rest in peace.
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Does anyone know what caused her death?
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