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CUTE PICTURE FIX !!! - It's been awhile!

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Originally posted by Lhezzza
LMAO!! What the heck is that thing supposed to be
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It looks to me like a Sharpe doggie..my sister use to have 2 of them and the are nothing but wrinkles galore when they are pups....I think they are precious!
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Damn.. I just had to edit cuz ratemykitten puts pictures of frogs up when you try to link their pics!! LOL
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too too cute
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aaaawwwwww. sooo cute
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Way too cute! :
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AWESOME pics!!!

The one with the dog wedged in the tree... I used to have that as a wallpaper, and laugh every morning when I sat down to work! the poor doggy...
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That is the Asian Leopard Cat that Bengals are bred from. They mix them with Tabbys!

And here is Sasha, see the resemblence???

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Thanks for today's "aww" factor!
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These are soo adorable! I love the dog in the tree..too precious!
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AWW! What cute pic's!!
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That "thing" is a Sharpei

Thanks for the cuteness fix
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sorry.. lol
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love those pics, especially the sharpei.
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LOL It's Ok Sicy
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Smile Kitty
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Kitty Shoe
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Kitty wish
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Crazy Cat's
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How Sweet Sherral! Thanks for sharing!
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LMAO! "Please God if you can't make me thin.... make my friends fat!"

That cracks me up!
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that kitty wish is awesome!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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Sherral, those kitty expressions are too funny!

Did you take the kitty moods pics or did you find them somewhere?
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I found them! I have a lot more I will post later!
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2tone kitty
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kitty buddies
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Adorable pupy
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