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Number 2 in box Number 1 EVERYWHERE ELSE!

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Hi I am new here and I am not sure if this has been addressed. I searched and have found some good answers on general urinating problems, but still haven't heard of this problem. My Tulip is 4 months old. She has a little problem. She wets everywhere. She uses the box fine for going potty and is meticulous and very tidy and buries and reburies even her sister's! We clean it every day. Otherwise she sits and waits. But she won't wet in the box! She wets in carpets, on papers, on the floor, even in the tub (remedied by filling with 3 inches of water every night) Her sister Loki is wonderful with her use of the box aside from her lack of skill in burying hers. Is this the problem? Do I need a second box? Tulip is the alpha of the two even though Loki outweighs and sizes her, so I wouldn't think she is being bullied. Not only that but Loki doesn't technically live here. My boyfriend owns her and brings her when he is here and we live far away so that is in spurts. Is this anxiety of a cat coming in and out of her house? She does this at his apartment as well. They love the travelling so I can't chalk it up to travel anxiety and she will do this when she hasn't travelled in weeks. I don't know I am so frustrated. She is nearing perfect. BF reminds me they are babies and therefore will do baby things such as wet outside proper places. So I am patient. I do not hit her or throw things,if I catch her in act I just say a firm No! and then place her in box praising her with a Good Kitty! You know what this does? She now associates "Good Kitty!" with being in the box and scratching around. So if I say Good Kitty any other time, she runs to the box and sits there all proud.
Sorry so long, any suggestions would be great.
Thanks you.
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Well, 4 months is not very old. If this other kitten is only there for a few days and then is gone, it's very hard for them to get used to living with each other. She is thinking that this kitten is taking over her space. That may be one of the problems.
You may also want to add another cat box. This gives her a choice of where she wants to go. Make sure and put it somewhere else though.
You can try and re train her. Put her in a room of her own for a week. Make sure she is using her box. If she starts to use the box on a regular basis, you can let her out. You can either gradually move the box to where you want it, or put her in a room the litter box will stay in.
Last, make sure and use an odor eliminator to clean. These regular carpet cleaners dont take out the smell of urine. You may think it's gone, but the cat can still smell it. There are a few varieties at pet stores.
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Yet she uses it fine for defecating, such is the priority of a cat, who ever said we had to understand them
I will have to try what you said. Bf stays here sometimes 2 weeks at a time and I go there around same amount with my cat, so the kitties are maybe seperated at most 2 or 3 days. Still that sounds like it may be the issue.

She really takes offense with her sister's untidiness and whines after Loki has left the box as if to scold her for not covering. Another box elsewhere sounds like a good plan, as well as the retraining.

I bought some odor stuff for pets and it seems to work, also the foil idea, I put it behind tv and couch and they hate it! Thank you for the ideas.
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I agree about the two boxes. One of my cats, Carson, uses one to poop in and the other to urinate in. If she is a tidy cat as you say, this is probably her preference.
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