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Bengal? Ocicat? What the heck is this Beast??

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I rescued a pretty frail cat last fall. I did lots of lost and founds, and finally flew her home with me from Florida... When I brought her home, she was 12 lbs. I took her straight to my cat only vet and she was negative on all but ear mites.... So, I brought her home and loved her to death. She gets along ok with my 20 lb Maine Coon Lion. Anyway, Sebring began eating healthy foods and she plays ALL the time. She plays a whole lot. She has 0 fat on her belly. She is tight like a log if you pick her up. Anyway... I took her to the vet for her 6 month check up. She's right at 24.5 lbs and her belly is exactly 10.5" from the exam table. She's got a 13" tail. What is this female kitty? Also, her canines measured .75" long if this helps.... She's 2 years old.
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She certainly is really mean she's nearly 25 pounds? I don't think even Bengals and Ocicats are that large. She looks just like a domestic brown tabby, but at that size there has to be something else.
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Not an Ocicat, and agree with Willowy that neither breed grows that large.
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I think this is far from being a regular tabby...
For the size and the pictures, she could well be a Savannah - does she act like a dog, and has a weird snake like hiss? This could be a far cry, as they are really rare, but....
Do you have better/bigger pictures of her? of her face, and her side?
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Looking at the picture with the couch, I wonder if that's a typo....maybe 14.5 pounds? Because, scale-wise, my cats look the same size against the couch (head about even with the couch cushion). She could have some Bengal if so. She kind of looks like it in the face.
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She looks to me like a pet quality Bengal, perhaps a mix, but she definitely has Bengal in her.

I can't quite believe that she's that large, though - her muzzle pads are fairly puffy, my first guess (without looking at her privates) would be that she's a he.
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Will agree its NOT an Ocicat. Maybe Bengal or other similar cross. But will agree to do a double check on the sex - head looks more male to me. Domestic shorthairs do sometimes have spotting (tabby).

If she/he is really that big of a cat, then its not either breed (Oci/Bengal). Oci's may go to 12 or 13 lbs for a male, and Bengals a few pounds heavier.

Tho a friend of mine has a Bengal who is about 20 lbs of solid muscle - not fat.
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