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Angels needed for a 3x weekly fluids kitty

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Looking for angels with big hearts and wings and labors of love that can lift a sweet little girl from a dark place of pain and death, to a warm home with life and love.

If you live in Chicagoland and/or maybe you know someone who already has a kitty that is given fluids and can find it in their heart to take one more- I am in desperate need of someone who can foster a little girl who needs fluids about 3x weekly.

Misty is 7 yrs old and a grey DSH tabby. She gets along with any non-pushy animals and humans, is shy at first and once she adjusts to her home she is on the quiet and gentle side. She is very good at getting fluids, no problem at all. She is in kidney failure for no medically known reason but is otherwise completely healthy.

Her expenses will be taken care of. I just really need someone who can help her until a permanent home can be found for her special needs. Otherwise she is going to be euthanized next week because there are no homes that can take her.

Please please help me if you can! Any thoughts, references, suggestions or your home and angel wings are welcome!
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Oh how I wish I could help.

I'm assuming everyone is full to the brim & said no, but have you tried contacting rescues in the area?
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To far for me but I have a cat with the same problem and do the treatments.
Maybe some one in the yahoo CRF grouos can help.
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i would but i live in WA state which is to far away I will try to spread the word though on a few of the other cat sites I go on, maybe someone there can help.
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Someone from another site gave me this link: http://www.treehouseanimals.org/index.html

maybe they could take her?
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This is for a shelter already who is full up on foster homes. I am already checking with other shelters :-(.

I am going to do fliers tonite and tomorrow and put them in vet offices and see if maybe someone who does fluids for their cat will take another.

It is really crazy in Chicago; everywhere is full and bursting with cats.
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