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Injured Knee

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Earlier today, I crouched to pet the cats.
My knees were bent, I was pretty much squatting.
When I tried to stand up, one of my legs wouldn't straighten.
I panicked and began to flail because I was mid-stand and I was falling.

After flailing for a bit, I heard a "pop" and my leg straightened out.
Now, there's a bruise under my knee cap, and it doesn't feel stable.
I'm not sure how I got the bruise, maybe from falling?
The past week, I've been moving lots of things.
I think that may be what triggered it.

I know I should probably see a doctor, I just wanted to vent because I'm very frustrated.
My grandma had arthritis, and my mom has osteoarthritis.
I'll probably have it too. I'm only 26.
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I think it would be a good idea to go see a doctor about it.

Best of luck with your knee, I hope you didn't tear anything.
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You you see a Dr.
Did the guy buy that dresser last night?
My knee locks up and I have to pop it to walk sometimes.
I have
You might have pulled something inside your knee.
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It sounds like you managed to sublax it - a partial dislocation that goes back into place without physically needed to be manipulated back in.
That's a connective tissue issue, not generally arthritis though the two often go together.
A doctor can't do anything for a sublax unless it's keeps happening, then surgery would be needed to stop it. Otherwise it's just common sense home treatment and not straining it so that the muscles can heal - so don't be surprised if you're told to stay off it, ice, and NSAIDs.

Age doesn't really mean much as far as arthritis is concerned. Everyone always says "I'm only ______". Children can and do get arthritis, I started with mine when I was around 14 - probably before then to be honest.

I hope it's nothing serious, and that home treatment or even that with a little PT (if the knee needs strengthening or such) is all that's needed.
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