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Corn Free Treats

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My cat Widget has a sensitive stomach- she throws up sometimes randomly. When I started free feeding her corn free dry food (Katz N Flocken) and giving her Tiki Cats, it cleared up. However, for training reasons, I have been using a treat that too my chagrin, has corn in it, and Widget's stomach let me know that this is not ok. What treats don't have corn?
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I have a cat with a really sensitive stomach as well. The vet sent home a sample of EVO dry cat and kitten food and I've been using it as treats. He loves it! I may wind up using it for regular food eventually but I'm going to try and get him over to wet first.

(Shhh...he doesn't know it's just regular food so don't tell him).

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These are a favorite with my crew. www.zukes.com No corn or wheat in any of their treats. Click on the "meow" tab to see the different varieties.

They will send you emails with 20% off coupons if you sign up for their mailing list. My local health food store carries them and I sometimes order with the coupon which covers shipping costs.
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Petguard makes a good treat , wildside salmon, grandma Lucie...

http://www.catniptoys.com has many of them
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