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A few pictures (thought it might help with aging them).

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Okay, I am going to try posting a few pictures of Teygan and Fred Bear. I am hoping it might help you give me a better idea of how old they are, along with their weights. I am using a new scale now, so I have their weight in ounces.

Teygan is 9 1/2 ounces
Fred Bear is 13 3/8 ounces.

Breanne holding Teygan Rose. It looks like she is kinda holding his neck but I PROMISE she isn't. Both kids are VERY gentle with the kittens!!

Michael and Fred Bear:

Fred Bear eating. The dish is one of those tiny kids kitchen set ones. Gotta love the mess. LOL :

Close-up of Teygan Rose:

Both kittens eating:

Any guesses on their age?? I was told they were about 4wks, but from what I have read and what others on here have stated, they seem to be much younger then that!!
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They are adorable! But wow, they look reallllly young. I'd guess maybe 3 weeks or so, but I could be way off the mark.
What's their story? Where's mama kitty?
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I'm going to guess 3-4 weeks. If they haven't started using the litter box, I would go with the 3 week mark. I see the one baby lapping out of a dish, so that's where I get the 4 week mark. They are pretty sweet looking and your kids seem to love them and the kitties love them back
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Awww! They really are cuties!
I'd guess about 3 weeks too.
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Thanks everyone!! I think they are pretty darn cute too

Their story...
I had a lady contact me last Monday saying that she had two kittens that needed a home. Apparently momma cat was outside and got hit by a car She said she wasn't home enough to care for the kittens so needed to find someone who could. The only reason she found me was because I had placed an ad stating that we were looking to get two cats from a good rescue. Anyway, she thought the kittens were about 4wks old. We went to her place Tuesday and picked up our new babies. We will not be finding them homes once they are old enough. They will stay members of our family forever
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They look to be between 4 and 5 weeks. I think you mentioned that they are eliminating on their own (that happens roughly between 3 and 4 weeks), and most do not start lapping on their own before 4 weeks, and often closer to 5 weeks. In this age look at their mobility. They get less awkward in their gait and their play the older they get.

They are definitely older than 3 weeks.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
I think you mentioned that they are eliminating on their own

Yeah, how is it, had they done their poo yet, or do we still have this problem on??
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They are both peeing on their own, and the male started pooping on his own as well Friday evening. It isn't really a formed poo, more of like a newborn poo. It is bright yellow and real soft/waterish. It honestly reminds me of the same poo my kids had as newborns. The females hasn't pooped yet, but the vet said to wait a few days, keep trying the mush, and then if she still doesn't go, call back. They still don't seem interested at all in the mush, but I will continue to try. I am also going to contact the vet again tomorrow to let him know what is going on. Both kittens seem to be drinking the milk from the dish very well now. They are both very eager at eating time and lap up milk until their little bellies are round as can be. Then they like to snuggle in and go to sleep.

As for coordination, they are getting alot better walking already. When we first got them on Tuesday, the female seemed to almost "squat" in her rear-end when she was trying to walk and she was off balance and slow. The kids were outside with the kittens this morning and both were trailing the kids quite quickly. They both walk with no problems and are starting to try to run. It is adorable!!
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If I recall correctly, my last orphaned litter poo'd on their own before they peed on their own. When I said that they usually start going on their own between 3 and 4 weeks old, that was actually both, and that was the time I trained them on the litter box. Poop came first in the litter box. I started to redirect them to the litter box when I noticed them soiling their bedding on a more regular basis.

I'm glad you had the kittens to the vet. When kittens that young switch from their mom's milk to formula, it does wreck havoc with their digestive systems, and they can either get constipated or get the runs. It sounds like you might have a little bit of both going on. Mine were forming solid poops while on nothing but KMR, and with that it was very solid to the point that poor little Elwood grunted a lot to work it out.

Did the vet give any advice other than feeding them mush? Did the link to the kitten rescue website help you?
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The only other thing the vet told me was to use a wet, warm cottonball and rub on the abdomen and anal areas to try to stimulate the kittens. I will call him again tomorrow and see what he would like me to do next.

That kitten rescue website is wonderful!! It has such great advice/information on it!! I will try deluting the formula and see if that helps Teygan poo. I can't think of what brand it is, but I know it is two scoops (quite big scooper, too) per 1 cup of water. Should I change Teygans to about 1 1/2 scoops per 1 cup water and see how that works??

Thanks again for all the help!! I REALLY appreciate it. This is all new to me and I just want to be sure we are doing it all the right way. I want only the best for Teygan and Fred Bear.

Funny story, I was sittin out on the deck with the kittens the other day and one of our labs were out there (we have 3 labs) with me. Now, Moose, the lab that was with me is very gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly. Because of the kittens tiny size, though, we don't allow the dogs to be around them unattended. Moose, alone, weighs 140lbs, all muscle. He is a BIG lab, but a total baby. Anyway, Moose was laying on the deck next to me and Fred Bear was playing by him. He kept walking soo close to Moose's neck/face that his sides would rub on him. Moose just layed there like nothing was happening (my big baby ) but I think it was a bonding moment for the two It was quite the site though, because Fred Bear isn't even as big as Moose's snout
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Originally Posted by newkittymomma09 View Post
It isn't really a formed poo, more of like a newborn poo. It is bright yellow and real soft/waterish. It honestly reminds me of the same poo my kids had as newborns.
As the vet knows the problem and is happy, let us also be happy.

The looks of this poo sounds entirely normal. Some say it is alike mustard.

It is seen very rarely, as in normal cases their mom is eating it up. Thus, it is only very experienced breeders - AND fosters of abandoned / orphaned kittens who had seen it regurarly.

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They look very cute. The vet estimated Blossom was 3.5 w/o when my son found her. Her little teeth felt like little nubs & didn't hurt one bit when she bit down gently.
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I just wanted to say that your babies are just adorable, and so are your human children! That first pic of your daughter holding the kitty, OMG! So many blue eyes! It brought such a smile to my face, and I have had a really bad day.
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