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Question of the day June 20th

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Morning All!!!

Todays question is about siblings:

Do you have any brothers and sisters?

I have one brother who is the oldest, then two sisters that are in the middle. I am the baby and since my brother and sisters are much older then I am I was quite spoiled by them growning up.
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Yup, several

There's 7 of us in total. 4 boys, 3 girls.

My older brother is 39, me at 32, brother at 23, brother and sister soon to be 21 (july), brother soon to be 20 (dec), sister soon to be 16 (july).
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The baby of 5 here. 2 sisters (oldest) and 2 brothers. There is only 8 years between all of us so mom was very busy for many years.
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2 older half brothers (17 and 19 years older than me), 1 late adopted sister (7 years older), 2 older stepsisters (no clue how much older), 1 older stepbrother (again, no clue how much) and 1 younger half brother (4 years younger).
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Morning All!!!
Hello Susan! Good morning my friend!.. I hope have you rest last night my friend!..

the question is great!
For those who don´t know about...I´m the number 2 of 4 Brothers!... yep! all were male at home......So you must to guess how good was the fights to lunch time at home when we was kids!...sometimes I finish ...............
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I have one sister who is 11 years older than me so I was kind of like an only child growing up
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I have one brother who's two years younger than me.
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I have one brother who is five years younger than me and a sister who's eight years younger than I am.
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The baby of three here. My brother is 7 years older than me. My sister, adopted just after birth, is 2.5 years older than me, and I'm the baby.

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I have a brother 15 months older than me. And two sisters one 2 years younger. One 5 years younger.
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@ Rigel.

I am the middle of 3. I have an older brother and a younger sister.
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Four brothers. Two older (10 years 9 years older ) and two younger (2 years and 4 years younger).
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I have 5 sisters and 1 brother.

I'm child number six, I have a younger sister...the other siblings are older than us. The eldest of us all will be 40 this year in August.

(My mum married twice, so the first 4 siblings are half but we don't call them that!)
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Rigel, you crack me up

I am the baby of the family with 2 older brothers and an older sister.
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Baby of seven. 2 older step sister's, 2 older step brother's and 2 older sister's.
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I have one sister who is 5, almost 6 years younger than me. I wish I had more siblings but my mom had infertility problems and then got breast cancer when I was in 6th grade.
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I have 2 half brothers and 1 sister.
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Three older brothers ( 1 10 years older, 1 8 years older, 1 5 years older), and one younger sister (almost 10 years younger). I was the only girl and the baby for quite a while. When my sister came along it was something of a shock!
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I have 2 sisters, 2 half sisters, 1 half brother.

I'm 2nd oldest, the youngest is 25 years younger than me.
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I am the oldest and have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
My youngest sister is 19.5 years younger then me.
Everyone is in this group except my brother in Santa Rosa.
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I have one brother, eight years older than me. In many ways, we are both "only" children.
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I have an older half-brother, I think he just turned 33 in April and a sister who's 6 years younger, she's 25 and we do not get along that great
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I had one sister who was 3.5 years older than me. Unfortunately, we lost her to leukemia back in '93, so I am the only child now.
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I have three half-siblings. I have an older half-sister in her 20s and an older half-brother (also in his 20s, though he is younger) both from my dad's first marriage. They live in Oklahoma and I don't have a relationship with them at all, though I did get sent some pictures of my sister's two adorable babies.

I also have a younger half-brother, who is ten years old. He is from a short relationship my dad had when I was ages 7-9. I love him dearly and I'm very protective, especially since he was born in the same abusive atmosphere I was subjected to. I try to see him as much as possible, though it's difficult since his mother is in and out of rehab and prison and I never know who he's going to be with. Recently his grandmother got full custody of him so I hope that means our relationship can be more stable. There was a long period when I didn't see him at all, which made things hard, because I took care of him for so long, and that love was imprinted in my heart from the day he was born, but he didn't remember any of it since he was so little.
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My sister is 8 minutes younger than I am!! Mom and Dad quit after dealing with two at once.
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I have 4 brothers. The first two were twins that died at birth. The next two are older than me. The first one is six years older and the other is five years older. I also have a sister that was ten months younger than me but she passed 3 years ago.
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