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My Coffee

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Sorry. Just can't help but wanting to show off him I am the proud parent.

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awwww, what a pretty little boy!
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Coffee is a little cutie
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Awwwww how precious. How old is he?
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How sweet!!
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Awwwww..... so cute!!! You need to enter that last picture into the june contest!!
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Awww! He's so cute!
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Wow! Look at those big, beautiful blue eyes! He's adorable.
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Coffee and I want to thank you for your compliment! He is now about 10 week old
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Where was the cutness warning??? *looks again*
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Awwww, Coffee is so cute! You have taken some great photos of him, in this thread and the other thread. His sweet little cheeks and big eyes are a killer!
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What a cute, lucky kitty to have a loving mommy and a home in Hawaii!
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awwwwwwww what a cutie
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Oh my stars and garters! That kitten? He is oh so freakishly adorable. And that second photo down? I stared at it. Yes. I stared at it. I could not look away! Coffee is so cute and he looks so innocent and sweet...lovely kitten; definitely.
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Awww, he's precious
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What a sweetie!
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I love orange tabbies!
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