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Puppy mill puppy

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I have been heavy into rescuing,fostering and everything right into dogs then all of a sudden...My sister goes and buys a pet store yorkie(almost made me cry)non the less i have done my research with dog foods and she feed cesar(because of the commercials) I am so ashamed...
Now my mom who has gone through alot of dogs(normally she can not handle)wants a puppy....I am so frustrated with my family i want to scream...I just recently found out my BFs brother is feeding store brand dog food to the already over weight dog(after i paid more than $100 on food for her and he free feeds her)He wont feed her what i bought scared she will like it and only want it....
Why do people not listen to me?I dedicate my life to dogs(rescueing and making sure people around me are aware yet it does not work...)
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I have been in your place and I found people either got annoyed with me, or didn’t listen. People are going to do what they are going to do. I have changed the way I do things now. Instead of saying things along the lines of “well I know this stuff because I have researched it†I tell them why I feed my pets what I am feeding, or why I rescue them. I never say it in a way that I am proving a point, more in a casual conversational way.

The odds are they still wont listen, but I’ve found that people really dislike being told what to do regardless of how educated that person is on the subject (regarding this stuff anyway).

Its hard for us animal lovers to sit back and watch people make stupid mistakes or not the best choice with there pets. Unfortunately there’s not much for us to do about it.
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Unfortunatly some people just don`t care and are happy in their ignorance I`ve had a few of the same issues with friend of mine wanting to breed their dog.

All you can do is to try with these people, it`s easy to go overboard and ailienate people so I always try to offer help rather than critisism but unless there is obvious animal abuse that you can report there isn`t a lot else you can do
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I know! My grandparent's puppy was bought by my bum (no offense to him) uncle from mybabypuppies.com, then he moved to SC without her! Now she's living on Pedigree and has behavior problems. To top it off, she is trained like it is the 1950's, not 2009! Even before he moved away, when I prepared a chicken, lamb, carrots, and green bean meal for her from leftovers, they said she couldn't eat it because it would make her think she's a "person" and SHE LOVED IT.
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