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Can ya tell that I'm addicted? I just hit 1900 posts!

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I was just wondering why I don't have time to do house work & junk like that. Hmmm...I found out! I'm hopelessly addicted to this place! I could have sworn I just became an Adult Cat just a couple months ago and now look I'm close to hitting 2000.

I'm so glad I found this place! I've met some really great people here and have loved every minute of it. So here's a big THANK YOU for putting up with me and helping me reach 1900 posts!
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Congrats Shell! Does this make you a jabberjaws now?
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Yay Shell!! I knew you were getting close!! Congrats!!!!!
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I've always been a jabberjaw, but I guess now it's official!
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WE can be jabberjaws together Shell!
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Wow Kathy, you've past 1800! Way to go Girl! We are jabberjaws aren't we?
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I'm right behind you!!!
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You'll get there eventually! But at the looks of it, you'll be hitting it quickly!
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Congratulations Shell! Quite the chatterbox, aren't you?
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WOO HOO!!! You GO girl!!!
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Mmm Hmmm Catch up to me , CONGRATS Shell! I knew you would ge there
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Kathy Jenn and I are close behind! Sam passed me weeks ago! She is the super spammer!
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I haven't spammed in a while....maybe this week is a good week to catch up..I am kidless all week!!! wooohoo!
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And you called me the super spammer!
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OH's cuz you are!
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Wow, Congrats!!!
I was also thinking how proud I was "just days ago" when I became an adult cat, and now I´m at 441. This is such a nice place - and it shows on my home Now that Oliver is always on the "run" and has to have a look at everything, this house is a mess, and I´m busy here...
I am so glad I found you guys!
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Ya know, when I joined almost a year one warned me about how dang addicting this place is! Now I try to warn the new members, but they don't believe me when I tell them!

I'm so glad I found you too Sess!
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LOL shell I try!I have been sooooooo busy the last couple of day,I have been haveing withdraw!!
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I know the feeling all too well Sherral! When my computer crashed a few months back, all I thought about was getting on TCS! I even begged my now ex-BF to let me use his laptop...even for just 20 minutes! Now, that's addiction!
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Thanx Shell! I´m glad I found you too!!! I feel like a have a good friend in Nebraska (and Tina Wood of course, but I lost her, so...)

I hade been her a few times through the 2 years since I joined, but only to seak cat advice, I never went to the lounge then, but when I did, there was no turning back...
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looks like addiction hit you too, huh?
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I just joined yesterday and I can relate to your addiction. My boyfriend just asked me "your not on the cat site again are you? "no, honey I'm cleaning!" Congrats. I'll be there someday, I think I have four.
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No fair LOL!! Im finding it so hard to hit 500 LOL!!! I barely hit 100!!! LOL!!! and your hitting 1900!! How can you do it!?!?!
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LOL Maddie!
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What has helped my post count is being a Guest Mod.

When I first came to this site, I had never been on a message board. I had no clue what do or anything. Plus I was a little shy and afraid that people would bash me, so I just kept quiet. I only posted when I needed to, but then once I became familiar with everyone it all just came together. I've got quite a few good friends from here and now we chit chat about everyday life. It funny...I'll be talking to someone at work and tell them about "such and such happened on the cat site" & every person says "How can you talk about cats all the time?". The thing is...we don't. We talk about our cats when we have a problem or if they're being cute & funny, but we also talk about our life & what is happening.

Don't worry! You'll get there before you know it!
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Are you on the cagt site again?? sounds just like my husband..except he usually just says...."are you on that Da** computer again?" he is so rude! how dare he? he plays his stupid shooting war games every single night and I never ask him questions like that...
You all will be up with us no time at all..just keep on posting and get to know us....Spam in the spam thread...I will try to find it and bring it just post about anything and everything.....
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