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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
That is good.
When do you plan on showing?
If I get the registration papers in time (they had a bit of a mix up) I'll be showing my Scottish Fold (with folded ears) kitten in 8th or 9th of august.
I've entered my shaded silver BSH into a two Fifé shows, they are both also in august. His coat is always horrible that time of the year so we propably don't get certificates, but if he somehow gets them, we'll need to go somewhere abroad next time!
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Can't you enter as "pending" for the registration number? Here so long as the papers are filed that is allowed.
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I love the black/silvers on those cats.
My sister wants a Snow Bengal but I need to make sure they can be shown first.
Cant they email you the reg numbers?
TICA is pretty fast when you register a cat.
I think you can enter a cat as pending but am not 100% sure.
When I showed Cleo in CFA the first time and did not have a paper copy of her reg number.
It came the day of the cat show after we had left.
They did send me a email with her reg number so I could show her.

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They had a problem with the pedigree of the dam of the litter as she was going to be registered to TICA at the same time as the kittens. The dam has russian pedigree and they needed to get it translated, messed up something and it took aaages from them to let the breeder know what was taking so long. Some other documents needed to be ordered from the russian association the dam was registered at and now they finally (and hopefully!) have all the papers they need, if they have arrived in US (had to send the originals). Now we are just waiting to hear from them. The show might be already full when we get the registration papers, but then I'll just wait for the next one.
If the dam and sire are not TICA registered, they won't let you enter a kitten while registration is pending.

*edit* Forgot to mention that snow bengals are allowed in TICA and Fifé. They are insanely beautiful!
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I hope everything works out for you.
That sounds like a mess.
I will be showing August 8th.

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