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well I am glad that she has at least agreed to cut the herd down bad she won't get the stallions gelded. That looks like a lot of horses for that small area to me. As far as keeping her from getting more...IDK how you are gonna do that. Maybe she will realize how much better it is for everyone, her included, now that the animals are down to a manageable amount. The only other thing I can suggest is to tell her that the free food will only be given to her as long as she doesn't take on any more cats. If she does start getting more cats, I don't see how you would have a choice about getting the authorities involved. No matter what though, you and your husband have done the right thing.
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Much has already been said for your and DH's efforts.....I am quite speechless for your kindness and compasion. Thank you, THANK YOU for all you have done for this beautiful animals
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You know, I am the kind of person who would just call the authorities, and not rescue the animals, because it's too much work and it's too likely to be for naught (have to call the authorities anyway eventually, and might lead to more animals surviving longer to suffer more). All I'm doing is research, getting advice from you all and I gave S some of my money (we're married but we have separate finances). Your praise should be going to my spouse: he's the one willing to do that much work to save them.

We are planning on threatening to, and then removing S's financial support for the catfood if she picks up any more cats from off property.
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Originally Posted by Enuja View Post
All I'm doing is research, getting advice from you all and I gave S some of my money (we're married but we have separate finances). Your praise should be going to my spouse: he's the one willing to do that much work to save them.
Well personaly, I think that research and donating money and providing moral support are important too. I doubt he would have been able to accomplish as much without you. The time he's spent trapping and transporting cats to the vet would have been spent on research. He may have done the sweaty, get bitten by fleas and skeeters field work, but you have played an important part too. You're both heros in my mind.
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Very bad news - a cat tested positive for both FeLV/FIV. Male, neutered, extremely friendly, black and white tuxedo cat who is currently very healthy. S took him to the vet, and he'd already been fixed. Apparently he was a dropoff. Anybody know of a home for a single double positive cat?

He can't stay on the property because C isn't capable of keeping cats safe and isolated inside, but S's ex-wife has agreed to take him! Yeah! She doesn't have a cat, and she wants an indoor only cat. Only downside (and it's a big one): she wants him to be front declawed. S is willing to have it done, because he thinks that removing digits is better than euthanizing the animal, and since S is leaving the property on Sunday morning, and tomorrow is the vet's last day before she takes a one week holiday if we couldn't find another foster in the next 24 hours, we'd have to euthanize him.

He's still available for a forever home, if anyone wants him! S lost his flash drive, and so can't get any pictures off of the property until he buys another one.

(also posted in my FeLV/FIV thread in the Nutrition forum)
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Emotional roller-coaster and excellent news! Apparently, the above test was a dud: a second in-office combo ELISA test was a double negative. Because S walked farther afield while looking for an owner of the wrongly-tested positive cat than he had in the past, he essentially found a satellite colony: a neighbor (not immediate, but close, in cluster of a few homes with much smaller lots) who throws out uneaten meat at a few cats. And the cats are, apparently "clearly related" to the cats on C's property, so S is getting them fixed. Today. The day he has to return the traps. At two vet's offices, because the vet he's been using recently doesn't have time to do a large number of surgeries on her last day in the office for a week. Oh, and his rental car needs work, so he's trying to exchange it. Man, this stuff is complicated.

There are only two cats (one on each property) who have not been caught. S will pay for them to be neutered or spayed whenever C can get them into a carrier. C has fixed cats before, so it's actually somewhat realistic to expect her to get two cats fixed since she doesn't have to pay for it, and S will be very insistent.
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Ya'll have got to be drained after all this, how many did he manage to catch and fix in all?
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8 kittens that the vet is adopting out (and so is going to charge an adoption fee on and isn't charging us).
32 adult cats (and older kittens) from the property
5 adult cats from the neighbor's satellite colony.

So, that's 45 animals fixed.

There are two as-yet-unfixed cats that S will pay for but C will have to take to a vet, one cat who died after neutering, and 2 other cats who died and at least two more who disappeared, which means that there were at least 52 cats in the area, 46 of which were on the property when S showed up.
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Holy crap, that's a lot of cats.

Presumably rodents have been hunted into local extinction.
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45 cats fixed....amazing what ppl can get done ....wonderful
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Wow. I so hope that once S is gone people don't start dumping cats there again, and that she doesn't take in any more on her own. What an incredible job ya'll did!
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