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I just read about this in a homesteading magazine (homesteads tend to have too many cats, I guess ). Interesting. Thoughts? Experiences?
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Maybe I'm having a dumb moment but this doesn't seems right:

What is FeralStat?
It is a synthetic progestin (progestogen) that prevents cats from becoming pregnant. It is intended for use in feral cat colonies.

What if a pregnant cat, male cat, or kitten eats FeralStat?Although it is designed for female cats, FeralStat has been given to male cats, pregnant females and kittens who are sharing the food supply with no report of negative side effects.

In fact, some FeralStat clients say that not only are there no unwanted kittens being born, but also the general health of the colony has improved

Are there any side effects to using FeralStat?
As with any drug, side effects are a possibility (please see drug information). However, the only side effects that have been reported about FeralStat have been positive: shinier coats and healthier colonies

How can it not affect pregnant cats and their unborn kittens? But, if what it claims is true, then I'd like to get some for my colony. There's several males I can't catch for anything.

Edit to add: Wow. That's a list of side effects under drug information:
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Progestin is the pregnancy hormone. So it can prevent a female from getting pregnant (since it makes her body believe she's already pg) but shouldn't hurt anything once they are already pregnant.

I don't think it sterilizes males. Only females.

I would say the side effects are the usual ones, to be expected with any hormone product. But also that those side effects are an acceptable risk to prevent unwanted kittens. Plus I believe the drug is meant to be a temporary thing, to keep the colony stable until you can get all the cats TNR'd.
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It absolutely makes sense that the overall health of the colony would improve since they wouldn't be using nutrients and energy to raise kittens, and if the females bodies "think" they are pregnant, they wouldn't go into heat which would also reduce the fighting and aggression in the colony.

They've been trying to find an edible birth control for feral colonies for years. The problem has been issues with male cats, ensuring the females getting enough of the drug to ensure she wouldn't get pregnant vs. ingesting too much, and the effect on native wildlife. You don't want the foxes in the area to also become sterile when they ingest the extra cat food and upset the balance of the ecosystem, for example. I hope they they've finally found a good system, even if it is for short term use while TNR efforts are underway.
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So would it make the males feel girly? I mean if a man takes a female hormone does he not take on female trates? If this works this is cool. I wish we had something for the male cat....we seam to have more Toms in my neck of the woods.
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whoa, does this stuff really work? this could be a windfall for people who manage colonies. it's not perfect, but it's the kind of thing that will no doubt lead to other remedies. this is very exciting!

but it is true, i see so many more males out there, perhaps because they are bolder than the females. but i have heard there's a human male contraceptive pill coming on the market, so maybe the male feral version will be soon coming!
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Originally Posted by Willowy View Post
Progestin is the pregnancy hormone. So it can prevent a female from getting pregnant (since it makes her body believe she's already pg) but shouldn't hurt anything once they are already pregnant.
And I shoulda known that. LOL I knew I was having a dumb moment.

But I have to agree, we hav more males then females this season for some reason.
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I just sent the website to Dr. Rambus, of I have just started fostering for them. They are pretty amazing, two vets who decided to create a spay/neuter mobile and have been doing free TNR at colonies in the Denver metro since 2003.

I will post back to this thread when I get a reply from her. She is out of town until the 14th, so it may be a little while before I hear back.

It would be awesome if this worked and was affordable. Great way to prevent major kitten explosions while waiting to get TNR appointments or for hard to trap cats.
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My 2 cents:

If it doesn't prevent a cat from going into heat, then I wouldn't recommend this for a feral colony. It is the act of mating that causes the deadly diseases like FeLV to be transmitted throughout a colony, and if you are trying to keep a colony healthy, you have to stop that behavior entirely. So while it may reduce the amount of unwanted kittens, it won't help the health of the colony.

If it were a fraction of the price compared to spaying, and money is tight, then it might be a good thing to use. However, you have to give the drug long term to the colony, which in my mind, makes it more expensive in the long run.
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it does suppress cats going into heat (and for all intents and purposes seems very similar to the Pill for humans). i think people managing feral colonies would best use such a product to keep the population stable while simultaneously trying to TNR the group. it could be a good way to make sure things don't get worse while you're trying to get them all!
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This seems wonderful, but the only ferals and strays in my area are male. It's the housecat females being let out that are getting knocked up around here. (i try and try and try to educate the neighbors to spay and neuter, but no one ever listens). Then we end up with a ton of dumped kittens that I have to try to either TNR or foster or rehome. I've been trying to catch the last 3 males around here for TNR, but it's not working. This is a great try for now, but until they come up with the same thing for Males, I'm not spending my money on it.
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I have used the product Feralstat with excellent results of reducing the feral cat population within the small rural area I live. It did not have an adverse health effect on the feral cats and no wild life in the area was effected by the use of this product since it was used in a secluded, self contained area, where the cats were led to by the desired moist food mixture containing the Feralstat product.


I was desparate in finding something that reduced or temporarily reduced the cat mating instinct; since this rural area believes in getting rid of unwanted or "dumped" cats by extermination: either shooting them or poisoning them.


The cat population exploded in 2009 due to the nations economics, the domestic house cat was thrown out of the house into the country to survive or not. Our small ranch was inundated with 15 cats, two female cats having multiple litters, along with multiple inbreeding causing multiple litters of another 15 cats with a total of 30 cats within 9 month time period. I learned of the product Feralstat through a desperate web search. Our small town had done away with low cost vet sponsored spay and neuter programs so we were faced with very high costs of vet bills trying to get some of the cats spayed and neutered. It seems when the American economy takes a spiraling downward turn animals are turned out and or killed off and vets cut out low cost helpful programs and double their costs to customers.

Thanks for the forum.


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That's interesting, because I thought it might be off the market (their website no longer exists). Where did you get it? How much did it cost? Are you in the US?
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Hi all, I am quite happy that this topic has been going on.......The return of Feralstat is under way.....I have been advised that it should be soon....The loss of Dr.Caltabiano DVM ,( he was the owner the developer developer) after that it was placed on hold ..Word on the street is that it will be open for your use real soon ......Till then do TNVR...... The APHA Vet group, have voted that TNR should now be TNVR  the  (V) for vaccinate. That is a Public Health concern....The Feralstat folks understand and support this and trust that the use of Feralstat till the TNVR can take place would be a strong stand against over population.......Along with proper education and training for care givers ......I will be working with all groups so that one complete package will soon be available for the good use of the care givers. With the hopes, that we will be seeing that the over population will be turned back and that the feral cats will be taken care of properly so that all will be healthier. .  Thank You !

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