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Thanks for the continuing vibes!

As of today, the nausea is gone, but I'm still getting tremors in my hands and legs a bit. Worked (and slept) at home for most of the day, and now I'm finishing things up in the lab. MUCH more mentally alert than yesterday - I got distracted so easily yesterday, people had to stop talking to me to let me do whatever I was supposed to be doing, or I would forget!

Not sure if I'm going to be intact enough to drive down to Houston like I was hoping to tomorrow, but we'll see. I'm going to work in the morning, so if I don't feel 100%, I won't go since I was going to drive down by myself and most of my friends in town are doing school stuff that I don't want to distract them from.

If we could get some major vibes and prayers - my mom has talked to a friend of hers who works at M.D. Anderson, one of the top cancer hospitals in the world, located in Houston. I don't know what the chances are of someone there being able to help my friend out, but it is a hope, at least. I haven't told him yet - I don't want him to a)get annoyed at me spreading his personal life around (yeah, he doesn't know anything about me asking for prayers for him, and he won't find out - but I need this just as much as he does) and b) getting his hopes up if there's nothing that can be done.

I'm hoping to hear from her soon, so please pray that someone might be able to give him a better prognosis than he's gotten so far!

Thanks all!
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My brother went to MD Anderson for treatment of CLL, a type of leukemia. It's a completely different kind of cancer from what your friend has, but MD Anderson was awesome. Continuing for your friend and for you.
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Doctor's appointment in the morning, finally! I can't believe I'm so excited to go see a doctor. I want off the Effexor - its making me feel sooooo sick. I'm really hoping he takes my fast heart rate seriously and doesn't just write it off as stress. It might be, but I've been plenty stressed before and not had a heart rate of 110+ 24/7.

Unfortunately, my mom's friend who was checking into doctor's at M.D. Anderson for us is leaving for the Philippines today, and wasn't able to talk long enough with the doctor to get any answers. She won't be back until the middle of July, and I just don't know if he has that kind of time to wait. So now, I guess I just have to ask my friend if his doctor has thought about contacting them directly.

Still hoping for some kind of help for him - this guy means a lot to me!

So some good luck vibes for both of us would be great. Thank you guys for supporting me in all this mess!
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Good Luck
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Oh Pam, I'm so sorry to hear the Effexor is making you feel so crappy, and I'm equally bummed to hear your mom's friend wasn't able to get any answers before taking off for so long.

Continuing to send lots of vibes for you and your friend.

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Okay, my mom's friend whose husband had recurring brain tumors was able to get us the name of the doctor he saw at M.D. Anderson. He was told several times there was no treatment for him, but is now doing fine. So maybe there's something that can be done for my friend as well. I've passed the information on to him, so cross your fingers that maybe this is how God is answering our prayers.

As for me, I am off the Effexor! I'm doubling some of my other medications, but those have none or very mild side effects, so I'm perfectly okay with that. I got some blood work done today, and my specialist is sending me to a family practitioner who can better handle cardiac stuff than he can. Its backwards, I know. I'm a student, so I just tend to use the student medical clinic for minor stuff, but I see a hematologist and my allergy/asthma specialist for other things.

I see the new doctor tomorrow, so hopefully they can figure if its just stress or something else causing the elevated heart rate. At least he didn't just brush it off today - the campus clinic seems to do that a lot, so I hate to go to them for anything more than "is my ear infected or not?" kind of questions.

Thanks for the vibes and prayers guys!
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Oh that is GREAT they got the information to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're off the Effexor! Seems like today was a MUCH better day!

Good luck tomorrow.


P.S. There are a lot of different types of brain tumors, and within the different types, there are varying grades. I don't know about you, but when I'm confronted with something scary, I like to research it. To me, unknown is scarier than being "armed" with some knowledge. So if you want to read up on the disease, this is a great place to start: Perhaps your friend can tell you more specifically about the diagnosis.
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Thanks for the site, Laurie. I actually have a bit of a background in neuroscience and a pre-med/genetics type major, so some of the science is familiar to me. The survivor stories and such are great though. I might pass the site on to him, and to one of our other friends that knows. I appreciate it!
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What a long, slow path toward resolution -- I devoutly hope both you and your friend get better news very soon. Man for tomorrow!
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Well, its not my thyroid, and its not my hematocrit levels that are causing my elevated heart rate. EKG was normal too. So I get to go visit a cardiologist on Monday, get fitted with a halter monitor for a day, and then an echocardiogram and visit with the cardiologist on Tuesday, right before I fly out for LA on Wednesday. Plus, I have blood work to do, and a visit with my hematologist on Monday. Wow, I see a lot of doctors.

The plus side is, as a former anatomy/physiology TA and a biomed major, I find all the tests interesting, and it kind of entertains me to actually get the tests that I show the class done. I'm the goof who had my head turned during the EKG, thinking "well, that looks pretty normal".

Another plus is - though my platelets are at the highest I've ever seen them, I have a week to be good about my iron pills before I see my hematologist, and hopefully I can get them low enough that he won't threaten to medicate me to bring them down. I don't want any more medication!!

Thanks for the vibes guys! Hopefully the cardiologist comes up with something on Tuesday! And hopefully my boss won't have a panic attack over unfinished work for our meeting in LA early next week.
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Originally Posted by Sandtigress View Post
Thanks for the site, Laurie. I actually have a bit of a background in neuroscience and a pre-med/genetics type major, so some of the science is familiar to me. The survivor stories and such are great though. I might pass the site on to him, and to one of our other friends that knows. I appreciate it!
I didn't know about your background, but that's got to help.

that you'll be a good girl and get your platelets down, and that your boss won't have a panic attack! AND that you can get to the root of the problem and that you won't need more meds.

And keeping up the for your friend.

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Had the monitor on now for about 12 hours. It was kind of hard getting ready for bed tonight - I have monitor wires all over my chest, if you get my drift. And of course, for the first bit of today, my heart rate was completely normal. It picked back up after 4 though, and is right were it has been for the past month or so, so at least the heart monitor can pick up something other than "completely normal".

My platelets were back down to their usual high but not as high at they were last week, so that's good. No threats to be medicated yet! Tomorrow is the cardiologist appointment, so we'll see how that goes. I am betting on "normal, with a few minor, harmless oddities" to go with the rest of me.

Today was "run around like mad to get ready for the meeting" - I didn't get a weekend either since I had to work all weekend to get the data ready. But we're pretty much good to go to leave on Wednesday - I just have to pick up the poster tomorrow after my appointment!

No updates from my friend yet. I'm really hoping that he's contact or will contact M.D. Anderson, but we'll see.

Thanks for the vibes, guys!
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Bummer about the harness, but I'm so glad to hear about the platelets!

Good luck for the meeting!

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Thanks Laurie!

Well, the cardiologist's went about as expected. The echocardiogram is normal, so no structural defects in my heart causing the elevated rate. We got some of the results back from the Holter monitor - my heart rate is on the fast side, hitting a max of 160 sometime last night - not quite sure why it got that fast, though there are some possibilities. She's putting me on a low dose of a beta blocker for right now, to see if that helps slow my heart rate down some.

The Holter monitor readout says that my heart stopped for 2+ seconds around 7 times during the 24-hour monitoring session, with the longest at 4.7 seconds. She's not sure how real that is, since that's a pretty long time for your heart to stop beating, but she can't tell whether its just an artifact or not until she gets the actual trace recordings, which she couldn't get for whatever reason during my actual visit. She said she'd call as soon as she knew though. As of right now, she's thinking that was just the monitor, and not really my heart stopping.

For now, I get another drug that makes me sleepy and threatens to cause "unusual dreams". That makes two of them now - and yeah, my dreams have been a little trippy as of late. I keep waking up going "What the heck was that?!" But if that's the worst side effect I get from everything, that's not so bad - in fact, its kind of entertaining.

Now I just get to wait for the cardiologist to give me a call!

She told me the drug that she put me on might cause my blood pressure to drop too much - a fun thing to think about considering I am flying to L.A. tomorrow. Might put a slip or something in my wallet with contact information and what drugs I'm on and what not just in case it does cause my blood pressure to drop and I faint or something. I highly doubt anything like that will happen, but just in case. It won't hurt, anyways.

Well, so far that's the result from today! Just waiting for the phone call to see what's next, if anything.
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