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Flea treatment

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We don't have fleas, I used Advantge last year. May through Oct. Inside only cats, so I try not to use to much stuff. ANYway, I am lookin for a natural product to use, I tried a product at found at Wal-mart, Sergeant's Gold, but it made a scab on the cats backs, I don't know if it was the product that had dried, or the skin that had been burned. They also quit eating for about 4 days. It's good they are fat. We have had a cut in $$ in my house and thats why I am tring another product, Advantge is about $70 per box and I have 4 cats. You can do the math. And yes we will drag fleas in the house, it just is what happens.
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You shouldn't use herbal or over-the-counter flea medications, since they don't work and, as you found out, are often dangerous to cats. Advantage, Revolution and Frontline are the only ones that actually work.
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You could try PM'ing sharky in case she doesn't see this thread. iirc she has a safer alternative that she does use.
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I know it's expensive, but as said above, the only ones that really work are Frontline (which is actually starting to not work since it's been around so long, fleas are getting immune), Advantage, Revolution, and Promeris.

Not only do the over the counter products not work, but they are usually very very harmful.
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I just sent you a PM on my method.

Never use OTC products directly on your cats. If you want something holistic, you can try food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). I use it on my carpets, but you could put it directly on your cat. Make absolutely certain that you buy food grade, as they sell DE in stores that are mixed with poisonous chemicals.
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