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Tinker and Wilbur cuddle like they're kittens

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They do this ALL the time now. it's so cool.

In fact, they have started sleeping in the bed with me. When i lay down, wilbur comes up and plops down between my legs above the covers. Then Tinker waits for me to hold up the covers for her majesty to crawl in, and she'll get between my legs. but after about 20 minutes (sometimes less if wilbur decides to pounce on the lump under the covers moving around) she'll come out and snuggle with him.

Sometimes they sleep at opposite ends of the room. Tinker on the printer, and Wilbur way over by the bathroom on my luggage. Wilbur wakes up and makes this grinding, scared sounding meow, like he's had a nightmare and is scared. Seriously. Tinker BOLTS over to him, licks him until he falls asleep then lays down and snuggles. It's just too cool.

Anyway, here's a few random pics of them cuddling the last couple days.

Snuggling, and just plain being happy

Wilbur taking care of his little sister

Wilbur has this thing where he stretches one leg out in front of him when he sleeps. it always makes it look like he's spooning . he sticks the leg out whenever he sleeps. whether tinker is there or not. but it looks cute when she is

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Awwwww! Such lovely kitties... thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing - darlings!!
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You have a beautiful fur family! I know I've said it a million times, but I'm so thrilled that you are all back together again!
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thanks everyone!

You know Natalie, that time I spent away from them, worrying every day, missing them so much, has really affected me. I feel EXTREMELY lucky that I have them back with me, and I honestly do remember that bad time every day. it makes me really thankful.
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They are totally adorable cuddling like that--I love pics of cats who are so bonded. Wilbur is so good to his sis. It's awesome that they are back with you. Tinker is bee-yew-tee-ful in the last picture. What a little princess.
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Hey, JT. How is Wilbur feeling? Were you able to get the seizure thing checked out?
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OMG!! Sooo sweet They are both adorable
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Wilbur got jealous because I posted the picture of Tinker alone, so here's him

Then he did this so I had to pay attention to him, and not the PC
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So cute! I love cuddling kitites and your two are just adorable.
Wilbur is such a handsome boy...and he's just making sure you have your attention divided appropriatly.
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