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The first kitty we adopted, Lazlo, meowed for three days next to the front door when he first came in with us. He missed his family.

Little by little - he sounds like he's doing great. And spending time down on the floor with him is great.

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Got up at 5.30am this morning because I hadn't heard Edward all night! I was worried! He hadn't touched his food and I couldn't find him. Then I noticed he had used his litter tray. So I changed his food for chicken flavour, sat on the floor and wiggled a straw(oooh that rhymes) He came strutting out from behind his carrier and attacked the straw! Yay! He is still weary of hands but will let me touch his paw with my finger....slowly but surely!

Oh, he found the food and ate it all up! I don't think he likes beef kitten food....getting fussy already....
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With Trout, she hid under a lazyboy for a long time. I stuck my finger in and just scritched under her chin for a long time...and then she literally just slowly came prancing out from under the chair...and it was at that point that she became "at home". I bribed her with scritches
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Daphne rarely made a peep when I brought her home. She was petrified. Galahad, on the other hand, never stopped talking the first two weeks here. It has been a few months and he's all settled in. Now he only talks when he wants me to pay attention
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A little update....Edward is really coming along. He is starting to come out of his shell now and is getting a bit naughty hee hee. At the moment he is running around the living room and playing with EVERYTHING! He is still weary of my hands but will let me stroke him during play time He still gets a bit scared when somebody stands up but only for a few seconds. I'm going to start picking him up a bit more often now too so he knows I just want to give him some fuss! He is eating like a horse! Taking him to his first vet appointment next week as I feel he won't be as scared as he was before! Thanks for all your comments and support!
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Good news!
Do they sell the "Da Bird" toy in the UK? It's a fun toy that you could play with, together.
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Originally Posted by PurpleFizz View Post
sat on the floor and wiggled a straw(oooh that rhymes)
In most of the English-speaking world, floor and straw do not rhyme!

However, I'm glad to see Edward is settlling in so well.
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Well floor and straw sounded similar when I was typing it and it made me smile lol
I'm sure I could buy Da Bird from the internet regardless of where I live....I will have a look!
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