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How offen do yall hold yalls one week old kittens

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Ok so Echos kittens will be one week in two days me and hubby have been pulling them out of the kennel and handleing them at night for about 10 minutes.
I go and pull one out during the day and let it sleep in bed with me in the morning. But hubby does not know that.

I see people with 2 and 3 week old kittens in there laps and such. But they kitten can see and here.
Should I be taking them out more less not at all at this age. If I could hold them all day I would.

Thanks in Advance
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I handled both litter of Bellatrix's from day one short bursts, never when they are feeding and always in eyeshot of momma for the first 2 weeks and when they got bigger ( mine are just 3 weeks) I take them into another room and sit with them on my lap and stroke them......Its probably me you saw with a kitten on my lap!!I only do this with one at a time and always get Bellatrix's attention and show her I have a kitten before i leave the room and if she protests I put it straight back......at the moment she seems to not care about us handling them but hates not getting personal fuss and gets jealous as she wants all the love! lol!
The more you handle them and the more Momma allows the more confident , happier and friendlier kittens are when they go to a new home also bring them,momma and a blanket out for some social time so they get used to house noises and open spaces from 3 weeks, i did this with the last litter and 3of the 6 I have had contact with the new family who have marvelled at how confident they are immediatley , none of them hid or hissed one little guy from the last litter , as soon as he got to his new home and they opened the carrier door jumped straight onto new human Dads favorite armchair and promptly fell asleep!! apparently he has seldom moved since!!
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I handled all of my past babies right from birth and several times a day. They were in the spare room so I could just sit in there with them. All of the kittens went to homes of people I knew and I hear nothing but good things about how they have no fear of strangers and greet them all at the door. My neighbour especially tells me this all the time. When I go over there, the cats love me and one of them sits on my shoulder LOL.

I would continue to hold them as much as possible...it makes for very sociable cats and fearless of strangers. Keep up the good work!
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The first week I handled every day to weigh them and that was about it. The second week I handled to weigh and then held everyone a bit longer and stroked their fur and feet and kissed their little heads. This week, week three, I hold them all to weigh, and usually multiple times a day, depending who is home with me. Hubby likes to hold them, so do my neighbors who may be taking one.

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During the first week (till eyes open) I usually would pet them more then pick them up to handle unless its necessary. They tend to cry too much and then mom gets upset.

After eyes are open, then I spend 5-10 mins petting and holding them.
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Just as much as Mom will let you- if the kittens don't mind, and she doesn't handle them as much as you want!
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