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2 new kittens

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I have two new kittens! I'm at my limit now! I have 9 total now and thats all my household can handle. My nieces cat, a siamese that showed up at her house pregnant and they decided to keep, had kittens, 4 of them and we took the last 2, the other two of the 4 were adopted together also. They work alot and have a 3 year old and dont have much time to spend with the kittens so we have them now, the mom is getting spayed in a couple of weeks, they are keeping her. They are 8 weeks now, very cute and playful. They went in for their 1st shot today, and deworming and go back in 3 weeks for a booster and then at 4 months for rabies shot. One is solid gray and one is striped, so cute and boy are they playful.They were very well taken care of by their mom and are big kittens for their age. We are trying to think of names now, they are both male. We were calling them Ruben and Clay for a day or so, but that was kind of a joke.It does kind of fit them though, one is quite larger than the other. We are hard at work thinking of some names for them. It took me a couple of weeks to decide on my last ones name, Griffin, and it may take a while for them too.
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I second that! Where are the pictures??
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