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Show results, P.North

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Hi folks,

We had a good show on the weekend. There was quite a good number of kittens at the show. On to the show results...

Telling Tales

Ring 1. Best Exotic and Reserve Best in show

Ring 2. 3rd Best Exotic, 6th Best in Show and a Breeders award of merit (her third BAM!)

Ring 4. 3rd Best Exotic

Sweet Escape (Fluffy) didn't get placed in the group or a top ten. I might stop showing Fluffy - not sure yet. We'll see how we go!

Nana's cats did really well. Tale's dad, Bronze Double Grand Champion Grafton For Your Consideration placed:

Ring 1. 2nd Best Exotic and 7th best in show

Ring 2. Best Exotic and 3rd Best in show

Ring 3. 2nd Best Exotic

Ring 4. 2nd Best Exotic and 10th Best in show

Tale's & Fluffy's cousin, Wildfire Starlight Express (up against Tales)

Ring 1. 3rd Best Exotic, 7th Best in show

Ring 2. Best Exotic, 2nd Best in Show

Ring 4. Best Exotic, 3rd Best in show.

Here's a photo of Tales but you can see more photos here in the Fur pics - there's about 50 from the show!!!

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Well done to you and your nanna
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Congrats - nice pic - seems everyone is starting off great.
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Wow, nice work Sam. ConCatulations!
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Congrats Sam
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Thanks everybody. I'm not going to show Tales on those curtains this weekend, I might try purple - make her look girly!
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That would be nice.
Its funny when people ask me if Cleo is a boy when everything is pink.
It did not happen this time.

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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post

Its funny when people ask me if Cleo is a boy when everything is pink.
It did not happen this time.

I often have boy on blue, girl on pink and they say which is which

Malika is going on royal blue, I like silvers on darker colours and Demetri looked nice on the dark blue.
I had Farley on royal purple, but it was too dark for him.
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I think the purple would be stunning with Oci's. The purple Tales is going on is quite light, my Nana brought her a lilac blanket today, so I'll take a pic of her in "purples" this weekend!
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I was trying different color backgrounds with Jackie (from the photos I have) - he really looks pretty good on blues. I'll have to recheck purple for him. Certain colors work better. Charlie is chocolate and looks wonderful on a mauve background - prof pics.

Will see what the photographer thinks in October. I'm getting the same one that did Charlie to do Jack, but don't want Jack's picture taken till he's a year old. I can do my own kitten pictures for the yearbook (or will just use the adult one for the kitten picture).

I do know that Jack will not look good on mauve background with him being cinnamon.
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I want to use some other colors for Cleo also.
I think red would be good with Cleo or maybe pastel colors.
That is funny.
I often have boy on blue, girl on pink and they say which is which
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Great job!

It's amazing what a difference color can make. My cats all have blue eyes, and I've noticed that when they're lying on a blue or green blanket or cushion, it makes for a very striking photo. I don't show them (they are pet-quality), but we take a lot of pictures of cats at my house!
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Thanks! Absolutely, I agree with you and there are lots of photos here too
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