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What an awesome Mothers Day present!

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While I was out with my family, Cali had her kittens! 3 of them! all of them are alive and healthy! 1 black and white, 1 tabby and one pure black. Willpost pictures soon!
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awww, congrats.... yup you're right, it is a great mommy's day present.
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Guardian cleaning the kittens

Kitten number 1 black and white (takes after daddy)

Kitten number 2 tabby

kitten number 3 black

ok now a question how do I know the kittens are getting milk? they are sucking on her nipples but when I pull them off and squeeze her nipples im not feeling anything coming out.
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guess what i found out? aparently guardian was in the nesting box with cali because he just threw up a placenta on my floor! HOW GROSS IS THAT! plus he has blood all over his belly.
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Congratulations! So glad to hear the babies are healthy after the scare with the fire.

I've heard that it's extremely difficult to express milk from a cat. (Can't say I ever tried). If the babies appear satisfied, sleeping after they feed, I wouldn't worry. If you have a postal scale or kitchen scale , you can weigh them. They should be gaining a few grams every day.
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Is Guardian the daddy? I hope he is fixed now, b/c he can get her pregnant again right away!

BTW - nice Mom's Day gift!
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yes guardian is the daddy and yes he is fixed now. I actually just went in to check on cali and her milk has finally come in.. whew!
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Congrats on the Mother's Day kittens. I had never heard of a Daddy cat eating a placenta maybe he saw Cali eating one and decided to share in the duties lol.
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Awww!!! Its a baby Cali and a baby Guardien! And Then the lone black one... Wow, Guardien really seems to love Cali, being there with her and everything, those that is slightly odd that he'd eat the placenta...
I'm glad everything went alright after all that waiting And I'm glad that it wasn't really 12 kittens
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