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We have Kittens

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Baby A is born we are waiting for the rest to come she is a good mom.
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Awww! Babies! I love orange/buff kitties!
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oooh!! how exciting!! keep us posted!
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The second one is black white and tan

Third one looks like the first I saw the plicinta ok so mabye I dont like birthing animals as much as I thought. Even being a tech that was gross
He she was just born like 3 mintues ago she is cleaning him and drying him off

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Congratulations They are so cute and tiny!!!
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should be more to come she is averaging about 1 a hour so she should have another in the next 15 minutes
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Mom and her 3 babys. She is about to have another one
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Number four

Now for picture by them sleves



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Looks like you have one calico, two red and white, and one blue (gray) and white! So cute!!!!!!

Good job, Momma kitty!!
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OMG They are all adorable!! Are there any more coming???
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Adorable congrats!

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Great pics

Congrats on the babies....Momma is gorgeous.

4 in total, or is there more coming?
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How did she act before the delivery? I am going nuts waiting for my girls to deliver!
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Birth Numbers

2 and 3 boys

1 and 4 girls

Is my guess right now by 4 days old I will be able to tell for sure.
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I think she has one more I feel it my vet will come over this afternoon. To make sure. she had them all but he wants to give her tell tonight.

nursedoggett-How did she act before the delivery? I am going nuts waiting for my girls to deliver!

She stoppped eating as much like she would nibble but nothing like she had been eating. About 2 days ago. Last night she was up and down all night long normally she sleep at my feet but last night she could not get comfertable.
Yesterday she was real moody. I mean snapp my head off if she had the chance moody.

She was hiding a lot more.
And her milk had been in for 9 days. It started coming in 9 days ago.
She also loved my husband yesterday and the day before and normally she just tolerates him.
everyone told me this before and I would think she acted different. But she never really did I was just hoping. I would gage by the milk When you first started noticing her nippple filling up about 8 to 10 days after that.
Also her eating will either stop or cut down.
I put KMR in the nesting box and she ate it up the whole time.
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She only had four she is doing good and the babys.

I am in love already
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AwwwThey're all ADORABLE!! Mom's so pretty too
Thanks for all the pics! They look good and healthy!
Keep us updated!
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GRATZ!! Is that a grey tortie and white?
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Originally Posted by Breellablue View Post
GRATZ!! Is that a grey tortie and white?
I cant really tell if his legs are white or tan yet but he is grey and white for sure
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it looks like my Grey Torties to me, but with white.
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congrats!!!! precious mama and babies
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Aw, what a cute bundle of kits. Mama, you did a great job (and you're beautiful to boot)!
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Ok so everyone is feed and happy mom came to tell me she needed more food this morning she is going to eat me out of house and home.

I was watching them nurse this morning and the torty number 4 beats up all her bothers and sisters for the nipple she wants.
There only 24 hours old and she is the smallest my little runt.
But there all great update picture in a week

Oh thank you for the scale that I could not find tell some one put a link its works great and they scream the hole time mom just loks on like I dont think your hurting them so carry on.
My husband did one and mom clawed the heck out of his leg I thought it was funny myself he did not of course. No damamge he was wearing geens
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I dont kow if anyone else will read this but should I put once a week update pictures here? Or start a new thread.

Here is one for the road I took it yesterday for a friend to send her she is interested in the little tortie. I have not choose names yet is this normal for people to name the litter or do you get to attachted.

I have little names for all of them right now but I am afraide if I get to attatched I will cry when they leave.
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it's perfectly normal to cry. you should have seen me at my first adoption event all tears and the woman adopting him was like "are you ok?" I had to explain that I bottle raised them after their mother left them and that I was very close with them and it made me very happy to see him going to a forever home.
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Aww, that's an adorable pic!
Oh, ya, more people will probably look at a new thread, so thats probably the best thing
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