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What you think of LaPerms I am thinking of getting one?

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I got this email from a LaPerm breeder I met at the last cat show and I have emailed with her before.
I am benching with her next week.
This does not mean I will not get another sphynx if I decide to get a LaPerm.

I happen to know a LaPerm breeder who would LOVE to have
competition and would be more than happy to place a very nice
show qualty kitten with you! :-)
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They seem to be fairly nice cats, there is only one breeder in my state and she doesn't show very much.
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I am going to see them May 9th.
I will not rush into anything.

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The breeder here seems to like the rarer breeds, she has some Ocicat neuters (after seeing mine ), Japanese Bobtail and LaPerms.
She only breeds with the LaPerms the others are show neuters.
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I like all those breeds.
You know Oci's were on my list when I started looking for a purebred.
This was the list I posted here last year. No LaPerms were on the list but I had never seen one before then.
Russian Blue
Egyption Mau
Any Asian Type of Cat
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There are lots of breeds I like to look at, but only a few I would actually want to own.

The LaPerm would probably be a good match in personality for Cleo.
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To be honest I've never seen one in person or have talked to any one that owns them. I have seen and petted the Selkirk Rexes. I'm more impressed with the shorthair Selkirk then the longhair. IMO the longer wavy coats just look too "uncombed/ungroomed" to me.
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I like to look at different breeds also but would not want to own them either.
This lady I am benching with is well known and had a sphynx before.
She has bred dogs for over 30 years.

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I think they are a really neat breed. Although I've seen only a handful of them in person but they were all sweet and friendly cats. Their coats are amazing. The texture is not like a Selkirk which has an undercoat, so its very silky The breed needs the support of new exhibitors and new breeders, so you'd be helping them out quite a lot if you decide to show one.
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I saw the LaPerms last time.
They were in the kitten class with Cleo.
She had 3 of them.
I am going to get to feel 2 short hair LaPerms at the show.
These breeders are very strict who they sell to also which is good.
I am not rushing into anything.
There was a Selkirk Rex also.
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Met my first ever La Perm at the CFA internationals last November - they very much intrigue me I would get one just because the grooming would prove a challenge!
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They sat they look messy even when groomed.
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That is why I don't like any of the longer hair curly cats - they always look they need to be groomed.
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The breeder I am benching with is going to bring 2 short hair LaPerm kittens to the show.
I still am looking at few other breeds also and of course sphynx.
I do not want a long haired kitten/cat.
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My Mom has a LaPerm that came from the same kitty mill closure as my Munchkin. I placed 2 Abys, 2 LaPerms, 1 bengal and then the Munchkin I kept from that place.

The La Perms are really sweet and affectionate cats. They have a very kind nature. Their coats are interesting, they are much like people with naturally curly hair, the drier the environment the less curl and more "frizzy" looking they get. (although the fur is still soft and not coarse or brittle) The higher the humidity the more curl they have.
Max certainly doesn't need much brushing and he doesn't mat or shed like other cats.

Each spring when Max does shed it is more like he drops his fur all at once and he actually gets almost bald in places, especially on his head. Still not sure if this is "normal" for the breed or not. I know I read somewhere that the original kitten that started the breed was born bald ( at least on his head) and was thus named "curly" for the bald one of the three stooges.

I'll see if I can find photo of Max and scan it. He is a pretty boy.
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I'm not a huge fan of La Perm's but I've only ever seen one before. I like Spyhnx better!
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I would love to see a picture of the LaPerm.
I am still looking at sphynx also and a few other breeds that I really like.
Here is a website that explains how LaPerms started.

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