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Question of the Day - May 1st - Friday

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Do you prefer sponge mops, string mops or those swiffer thingies?

I like a good sponge mop and hate those swiffer thingies. I can't seem get
the swiffer things to work right.

I would prefer not to mop at all!!! I hate mopping.
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I like a good string mop. I used to clean apartments at an old job and there was nothing like a good old-fashioned string mop and a mop bucket to get the job done quickly. In my apartment now, I don't have that much to mop, so I have a small string mop with a self ringer. It still does a good job, but I don't have to mess with the big metal bucket and the ringer.
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I like to do it the way my mom does. I get down on my hands and knees with a bucket and a big cloth rag.

In fact, I have to wash my floors this weekend! Thanks for the reminder!
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I use a string mop on the kitchen and bathroom floors because they are tile. However I use a swiffer everywhere else because I have hardwood.
For a real good cleaning I would have to say hands-down I prefer the string mop.
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My mopable bare floors are 2ft by 7 ft, and 2ft by 2ft, I use a swifer
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I've just went back to my Vileda mop, because my floors are a lot cleaner and streak free with good old fashioned hot soapy water

The swiffer mop is excellent though for places like my conservatory where theres not much to clean
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Honestly, its always hard for me too choose! I'm in the market for a new mop now and I really can't choose. I really like the sponge mop and feel they may be a little more hygienic than string ones, but then do they clean well? I find they are faster, but one I know bleach ruins them and I can't clean without bleach. I like string ones but I feel they are kinda dirty but I know they really work and get floors clean, as long as you change them ALOT, more (to me) than I would change my spong mop. I have tiles and floors that look like wood but its just vinyl or whatever, I'm not sure.

*Sigh* I really don't know. There is a new string mop out that looks really good, but who pays $25 for a mop?

Sorry about that little outburst, lol!
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I use a sponge mop. It took be a while to find a good one though. With my hardwood floors the mop has to be pretty wrung out before I wash with it but the current one seems to do a good job. I also with get down on my hands and knees with a washrag too if the mood suits me.
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Swiffer thingies.
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Hate the swiffers; maybe I let the floors go too long between cleanings?
I use a sponge mop primarily, as it's easy for me to wring out. I don't really like them very much, tho. In all honesty, I just hate doing floors.
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I've never used a Swiffer. My Atlantic Bee mop does all I need done just fine.
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I use a steam mop that has cloths you just toss in the washer. I use vinegar to disinfect and clean.
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I like the sponge mops. String mops are too messy and the swiffer wet always leaves the floor sticky when I've used it.
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String or sponge mops. I have a sponge mop now, and it's a decent one - which is what makes the biggest difference.

I do like string mops better though because they (good ones) tend to hold up to scrubbing abuse a bit better.
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String! I use Fuller brush company. My Mom is a professional house cleaner and has always used them for all her houses. You can scrub and have better control over the moisture. Not too much, not too little. Swiffer has too little and gets too dirty quickly. Sponge mops get too wet for my taste and wear out too quickly. my string mop!
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A Swiffer for everyday clean up. A soapy rag and some elbow grease once a week.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I use a steam mop that has cloths you just toss in the washer. I use vinegar to disinfect and clean.
Me too, love my steam mop. I have hardwood floor throughout and the steam mop works very well.
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