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Originally Posted by dan10101 View Post
I'm still shocked what simple toys entertain this guy. Tonight it was two simple threads about 8" long. He's now played out and laying on the living room floor sleeping.
As one who has financed two surgeries on a kitty who ate a tiny piece of plastic foam, I don't think Tiger should be playing with thread. Very dangerous if swallowed - can cause a blockage. I'm just saying...
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Thanks for the tip.
Cats, dogs and children should never have to go thru surgery.
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The thing with cats and those rough little tongues of theirs is that usually anything that can swallow, can only go down one way, like thread, yarn, etc., and sometimes cause a blockage, and then surgery if you're both unlucky. If you're going to play with anything like that, including those fisherman toys, make sure you're supervising and that you put it safely away when you're done. Those kiddie locks you can get at Walmart can literally be lifesavers.
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so how is Tiger doing? I've been following this post and am so curious!
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Sorry, We've been away on vacation and I got out of the habit of posting.

Tiger continues to grow and gain weight. He's still boneless though (Charlie Brown joke). My son took care of him while we were away. None the worse for wear.

I took him in for a nail trimming. That seemed to make a difference. He no longer climbs up our legs. Now he just jumps on our laps. He is quite active, goes everywhere. We've had to implement a discipline to keep him from getting into and onto everything. He's doing better, but unfortunately today he broke a vase. My wife reinforced that he was NOT staying. I tried to remind her that he's just a kid and kids make mistakes.

Right now he's laying in the litter box. I'm thinking it's cooler in there.

She has her moments that she enjoys his antics, but most of the time he's a detriment to her perfect house. I'll ask again, if anyone wants a fun little kitten/cat, he's had his first shots and is potty trained. Lots of fun. Central California.

I think it's time for bed, he's nodding off...
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How's your pet doing? i hope everything is ok...
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Oh, my goodness - what a wonderful picture. Who could resist that face! And so glad to hear he's thriving.

You're right, he's just a kid and accidents happen. I used to try to have a perfect house, but now I have the very occasional accident, and a whole lot more love with my two older kitties. But, it can be a big change for your wife - but I'm sure Tiger loves her, and you, and you're both so wonderful for saving his live and providing him a good home.

I'm glad to see the update - I was getting worried about you all!
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Thanks for the update!

Please remind your wife - kittens do grow up - AND when you get them at a young age it is easy to set up conditioning of behavior. He is/will be an excellent cat as he grows (as long as the conditioning is consistent and regular).

Remind her too that her human children (probably) got into trouble too.
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Hi Dan,

I have a few pointers as someone who has placed more than a few kittens in new homes as far as adapting to make him happy.

Do you have a room or space you could convert to a room to keep him out of trouble when you aren't playing with him? How are you disciplining him? I use a squirt bottle when needed. Never hit kitty or yell like a dog other than no and squirt.

If you have a room, you can set up litter box and toys ect keeping his stuff in his room. does he have a scratcher he can stand up tall wise to scratch on? Have you looked into soft paws (only need nails trimmed every 6 months).

Tractor Supply (if you have them there) have clinics as well. do you have a neuter appt yet. That will prevent another problem to come: spraying and it will settle his hormones (he will calm down faster and no mating calls, which aren't fun let me tell you). This can be done at 2 lbs. there are low cost clinics (maybe get 2nd set of shots at same time as one of these).
Are you planning on indoors only?

If you do find a home for him, which it sounds like you are keeping him, his own space or a kitty playpen area might be a good sane way to solve the wife issue.

I have my bedroom and my cats have a room. They sleep in my room anyways but if I go out of town or have company or a pet sitter sometimes its best and it keeps their stuff easy to clean and in one place (I have 3 female cats currently and a few of the younger age range).
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Here's a mini update.

You may remember me worried about his sight. Well, I think all is well. He was chasing a fly the other day. I couldn't see it, but he could. I found the flyswatter and followed his eyes. Got the sucker. Then he found another one.

He still seems to be far sighted, can't focus on food in my hand. Has to nose around for it. But very minor inconveniences, (at least until he accidently bites me.)

He continues to grow. I see him as fully grown, until he starts bouncing off the walls. Then I'm reminded that he's still a kitten. Mom is actively looking for a home but having no success. Maybe when she gives up, she'll allow herself to love him a bit more. I hope so.

Until next time.
Dan and Tiger
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Ok, so that wasn't a mini update..

Here's a picture..

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For what it's worth, cat's can't focus well on anything closer than about 18 inches from their eyes. At least, that's what I've read. So he may be perfectly normal.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
For what it's worth, cat's can't focus well on anything closer than about 18 inches from their eyes. At least, that's what I've read. So he may be perfectly normal.
all of mine need to sniff their food in my hand or in the plate, especially if there are different kibble types... They choose it with their noses.
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Wow, Tiger is getting HUGE!

I've been following this thread from day one and it's pretty amazing what you've done for the little guy and how far he's come. I really hope you can keep him.
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That baby is just BEAUTIFUL!! I hope you get to keep him.....but if I lived anywhere near you, I'd take him in a heartbeat
I am newer to the forum than the age of this thread, so just now found it. You did a great job with Tiger...I really do hope you get to keep him after all your great work!
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Too bad that kitten is unloved, mistreated, and underfed! Looks like he's living in the lap of happiness to me.
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Thanks for all the kind words.

He does have it pretty easy. But I think he has ADD. He bounces off the wall about 1-2 hours a day. Other times he's sleeping. A while ago he crawled on my lap and let me rub his head. I gave him a short massage, then he collapsed on my lap.

Other times he's naughty, climbing on the off limits furniture. We tell him NO and he immediately goes into defensive mode and runs off and hides.

His worse habit is biting. It's when we're playing. Normally he doesn't bite hard, but I still have lots of scratches.

He also goes into stalk mode and attacks our ankles usually when we're not expecting it.
(EDIT for a bit closer age...)
BTW: He's about 14 weeks now and getting bigger. I picked up a friends cat and he was considerably heavier. (This cat was lean and trim). Tiger is close to the same size as a grown cat (75% or so but still only about 1/2 the weight). Still he seems very health. We're working on getting the next set of shots and getting him fixed. Hopefully that will keep things from getting out of hand.

Ok, that's enough rambling for now. Thanks for sticking with the thread, I know it's getting a bit heavy...
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Thanks for the update.

Originally Posted by dan10101 View Post
But I think he has ADD. He bounces off the wall about 1-2 hours a day. ..
That's better than my big orange guy, Taz (guess how he got that name ), I was sure he needed an exorcist.

This does pass, though and they do settle down and this frantic behaviour goes away.

Now sometimes I walk up to him and check to make sure he is alive He is animated and will still play, even at 11 years old but that hyper kittem stuff does dissappear, sometimes that is a good thing.
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My sister has a cat named Taz. Now I know why.
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Thanks for the update - I wonder if other people who have bottled raised kittens might have advice about the biting - your little guy didn't have the advantage of a momma cat and siblings to teach him cat manners - but he certainly had the huge advantage of a loving human family! He's so handsome! Again, kudos to you and your wife for sticking in there with with him - and I've got to wonder if your wife really does have her heart into finding him a new home - in any event, she deserves a round of applause for accepting a brand new baby into the house and messing things up!

With mine, if they start to nip or scratch, I usually just sort of go ow ow ow in a very sad voice, and stop playing - they both seem to back off immediately. Granted, mine were older when I got them, but I don't know their background. That whole positive reinforcement when things go well deal seems to work with my two.
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He is just adorable!! You've done such an excellent job of raising him.

When my girl was younger and in the biting stage, I'd hiss at her, much like a momma kitty would, push into her mouth, and say no. The hissing would get her attention, the pushing into her mouth (not down her throat, but pushing against her) caught her off-guard, then telling her NO! was training her that the behavior was inappropriate.

Here's hoping you don't find someone to adopt him!!
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Is he scratching you or the furniture or both? I bought a no-scratch spray at Petsmart to try b/c my fosters LOOOOOOVE my livingroom chairs. So far it's working like a dream!

As for hands - try not to play with him with your hands. You can put a bitter spray on them so it tastes yucky. Also hiss or blow a puff of air in his face and say no firmly. Withdraw for a minute and don't play. If he has your hand in a death grip this also works, along with shoving your hand or foot TOWARDS HIM. Don't struggle or try to pull away. That is play AND PREY behavior and will cause him to tighten his hold on you.

As with raising any baby - you need to be consistent. Also keep trimming his claws... that will help with the ouch factor. The younger he is when you start, the easier it will be over time.
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I haven't checked this thread for a while, but I'm happy to see how well Tiger is doing! He's such a handsome tabby boy
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I can't keep up with all your posts. if I don't respond its not because I don't appreciate all your suggestions and comments. I really do.
His biting is always in play, but it needs to stop if nothing else than for the sake of my skin.
We're on the patio near where he was born. we've come a long way. He's exploring, I'm sitting.
His colors are developing. I'll try to snap a picture.
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Ok, for you who have wondered who I was, here is a pict of baby and me. He was squirming all over the place, so I had my son take the pictures.

Click on the link in the signature to see more in photobucket.

There's a great picture of him playing in a box, after a while he just fell asleep laying in the box.

We wore him out again. He's sleeping on my lap.
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He's a classic grey (blue)tabby with green eyes!!!! What a handsome boy! And you have a kind face and obvously a kind heart!
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I think your wife is a lucky woman - a handsome guy and a beautiful kitty at home. I cannot believe he's gotten so big - and look at that tail! He really does look very healthy and happy - you all did God's work with him.
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Dan, he's gotten so big! I haven't read the post in a while but today's photo shows you did well!
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best. thread. ever!
i read avidly from start to end.
held my breath until it was clear Tiger would make it.
bless you and your family, dan!

awesome quote where your wife said you could keep him if he learned how to high five, so you'd be rich & you said if you kept tiger "you'd be rich anyway"
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I'm glad has provided some story value to those who read it. It certainly means a lot to me, because I really was 'new to cats' and didn't know what the heck I was doing.

"wife is a lucky woman" - I keep telling her she is. I think she believes me.

The stripes on his body really just came in the last 2 weeks or so. I imagine they will get whiter as days progress. Eyes are green, like mine

My wife may be giving in very slightly. She checked several places and no one is taking kittens/cats. They all have plenty. There are 50+ in craigslist in our area.

In the meantime I'm going to try another cat litter. I thing the scented type may be causing an odor. It's really wierd, sometimes the room has an ordor, other times it doesn't. It doesn't seem to be from the litter box, but it probably is. I have to buy a bigger box too, he can barely turn around in this one we have now and it bugs him.
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