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hi again, same problem as before

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Hey, not been here for a while, but I'm still having the same problem as last time. I've gotten her spayed now but she is still attacking me and I really don't know what to do. She'll come to sit on me and start licking me and then start biting. If I ignore it she just started biting harder and harder until she's really hurting me and if I put her in another room, when she comes out she just starts doing it again.

I don't know what to do! She's a Ragdoll, they're supposed to be really sweet and loving and I am just leaving her in another room nearly all the time now because I don't want her to bite me It's upsetting me.
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What have you tried so far to discourage the biting so everyone will better be able to help?

How old was she when you got her and how old is she now? You have had her from when she was a small kitten, right?

I personally think that leaving her alone in another room all the time can be more distructive.

Are there any other cats or pets in the house?
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She was 14 weeks when we got her, I think... about that age. Mostly I have tried saying no in a loud voice and putting her on the floor, but she gets angry, puts her ears back and starts launching at me. I'm thinking its a dominance thing, but I'm not sure. We don't have any other pets... the cat and my daughter are enough!

I was reading through some other posts and saw that a lot of people like blowing in the cats face to discourage it and I've been doing that, and so far it seems to be working. She'll keep on for a little bit and then get fed up and sulk for a while, lol. So I'm hoping that will suffice, but I'm still worried it'll continue.
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What you describe seems worse than what I'm experiencing - I have seen lots of discouraging tricks for behavior like this, which I've tried on my torti, .. but none have really worked. (Putting in room alone, walking away and ignoring, making sure you always use long-handled toys and no playing with the cat with your hands) If I'm not careful she'll -look- like she wants petting, but then I'll get a painful bite on the hand or arm. Sometimes if I pick her up and inadvertently touch her belly, she will tear me up badly. I mean gung-ho-a-dog-has-a-hold-of-me sort of thing. I successfully discouraged her from biting or clawing at my face when she was still a couple of months old by saying "No" firmly and putting her down. She has also picked up the ignoring part and uses it on me sometimes Even with the firm "no's" and ignoring, she still every so often tries to scratch/bite (sometimes succeeds, I have scratches all over my arms) I haven't tried blowing in the face, but I will -- that sounds like it may work. I personally believe the key to ridding of behavior like this is -- never give up! If you give in, it may ruin everything. I could be wrong though
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You can also hiss at them. That's what mom cats do to stop unacceptable behaviour. The main thing is to be consistent just as with children.
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