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Cats are very tuff creatures, so I am hoping they will be ok. I will be back tomorrow with an update.
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Oh my gosh! Those poor babies! Thank God you saved them, regardless of the outcome...no creature should be allowed to suffer so much. I would also say to take pictures of the kittens before you clean them up in case they need them for prosecution
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Oh wow, what a horrible story. Good luck with these kittens. You are an angel! I wouldn't have been able to leave them there either. How horrible. Many that the kittens turn out to be okay.
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I came here looking for a good news update ? Thank goodness you took all those poor babies.....sounds like they have a better chance now than they would have with that lady...I agree....its times she gets reported...
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Just popping in to see if there was any word yet. Thinking of you and the babies.

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Bless you for rescuing those poor babies! What's the word from the vet?
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Oh my goodness, i've never seen anything like it in my life

Thank you for helping these babies Did you manage to report this person yet?. The sooner the better for me before more poor animals have to suffer
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Bless your heart for taking those kittens and I would definatly report that lady! It is so sad to see helpless animals in such bad situations!You need to be their voice Good for you
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i'm glad you took them all - sounds like you did the right thing, given the conditions there!

my Pixel [senior cat] has herpes. none of the other 4 have ever shown any symptoms whatsoever - & Pixel is my snuggler/mama-figure. she snuggles w/anyone who wants it, washes & is washed by pretty much everyone... hasn't seemed to have been a problem.

however, since the eyes are pussy, there's probably a secondary infection that will need some antibiotic treatment.
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Ok, here is the update on the kittens.
The vet estimated them to be between 4 to 5 weeks old. All of the have a URI and eye infection. I asked her about the Herpes scare I have, but she didnt say much. I have received antibiotics for the URI and Eye drops for the infecte eyes. Unfortunately the Humane Society only handles basic issues and the calicos eye is gone and needs to be removed before the infection spreads. The all white one only has the symptoms I just talked about. The last kitty that is a creamy/brown color unfortunately will loose one eye. It is not lost yet, but the vet has not much of hope. Tomorrow I will take the 2 kitties with the eye problem to another Vet to see what can be done and what can fit my wallet. I was told this Vet is great with decent rates. Just within 24 hours they came around quit a bit, the last kitty I was talking about I force fed today, and I had her jusmp started where she went and ate, they even started to play around. Unfortunately they are too young for flea treatment, but I can give hem a bath, which I will do after the vet tomorrow gives me the ok.

I am planning on taking some close up picutes tomorrow, and will let you all see, it is a mess and as long as animal lovers like us come around and take in those animals that didnt receive the care they needed to begin with, people are going to continue to count on us. I will put a stop to one this week.
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Sounds like good news in the sense that they are finally being treated for a URI...sad about the eyes that are lost tho....I hope that new vet you see has some compassion and gives you a break since you are helping these poor things out...I've taken a few sick strays to my vets for treatment and have been very lucky 2 times they just have taken them in treated their aliments...then found homes for them....one was very bad off and I just couldn't afford the $1000 quote I got to treat him....the vet was just as sad as me and said ok don't worry about it ...this little fella needs a chance in life....He ended up being even worse off...needing his tail amputated and broken bones..but in the end someone who was helping in his care at the vets took him in....So anyways I hope you luck in and the kitties are treatable without a huge expense.... for you and the kitties
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Poor babies I am so glad you took them in and getting them seen by a vet who knows what would have happened to the poor babies if you had not rescued them!
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I was so scared for those poor babies, and now they have a chance because of you!

You'll be able to work something out with the vet, the eye removal can be expensive.

I bet you're chomping at the bit to contact the SPCA. That woman should not have any animals!

You are doing SUCH a wonderful thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 kitties have lost an eye and needed surgery, the third one should be ok, since he has just gotten the infection. Well, surgery for the calico is $490 and he surgery for the 2nd one he quoted me $350. The treatment all together for all 3 of them is about $1,200, meds, dewormer and so on. I applied for one of those care credit cards and was approved, but it still will be a struggle, but I will manage. Unfortunately, there was no time to see if any resue might be able to help or take them since the infection will spread through their little bodies so I decided go go ahead with it. I only have one with me right now, the other 2 will have ther surgery today. I will post post op pics later tonight or tomorrow.
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Here are some pictures after a nice bath / prior to surgery later on today...
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I don't see any pictures?
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I will try to send some from work tomorrow.
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You are GREAT for all you have done for those kittens!! I look foward to seeing the pictures
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What an angel you are! I know those little guys are going to do so well under your care. Can't wait to see some pics of them.
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The pics I am going to post and plan on showing to the ASPCA are the once prior to surgery and not very plesent to look at. I will post them tomorrow, promised.......
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Ok, let's see if I can post the pictures from this PC............Sorry folks for some reason I cannot get the pictures on here, I have done it before not sure why I cant do it now.
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for what you are doing for these cats!

Actually, the easiest way to post pics is to sign up for free hosting service at http://www.photobucket.com. Upload your pictures there, then to have us see them here, you click on the pic - in the lower-right hand corner is a list of options. The very last line is the one that has the location of the picture with [IMG] ............ [/IMG] around it. That IMG code is what enables us to see the pic when pasted in here. To you, when writing the post, it will just look like a line of text, but once you hit "post reply," the picture will be in there.

Hope that made sense!

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Now you really got me confused.........lol, I will work on it over lunch.
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Ok, after this I will give up, hopefully it works, someone let me know

........I am giving up
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you are an Angel for taking these babies in... they really got lucky
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Originally Posted by scuns68 View Post

Ok, after this I will give up, hopefully it works, someone let me know

........I am giving up
I think the only problem was there was a hard break in the link... let's see if there's a pic when I post.

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Ok, this is snowflake, she is the smallest and I am hand feeding her. She already came around quit a bit, she is eating AD can food.
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She's a total doll, and that poor eye reminds me so much of Flowerbelle when we brought her home (doesn't hurt Flowerbelle was also a white kitty ).

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Well that AD canned food is like kitty crack, I tell ya!! That's loaded with lots of good stuff and it'll help kitty put some weight on and get healthy!
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Yes, since this little guy is the smallest of the bunch I thought I get him fed real good with the AD food and he is already like a new kitty. He eats by himself, plays, attacks, he is a little mess. Still so worried about one of his eyes, since the vet explained he was just at the beginning of the infection. I have ointment and antibiotics I give but a white film has build up over the eye, the other eye looks normal to me now, the infection is gone. Both eyes were tested on Sunday to determine if there was any permanent damage and it wasn't. The other 2 kitties are still at the vet, haven't had their surgery yet, today is the day, they had to get a bit stronger first.
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