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Very Sick Kitty

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About a Week ago, I adopted a new kitty.I notice that when he was breathing hard,but didn't think of it as a big thing because he cam from a shelter and I thought they did't think of it as important.
Well about two days ago,I hadto drop him off to get neutered and when he came back he was breathing very hard,sneezing and had snot bubble coming out his nose.
When my mother pick him-up from the sheltar after being neutar, They gave her a sheet and he was dx with URI-Sneezing, Mild Conjunctivitis OU, and teething.THey didn't give us any direction on howtocarefor him.
Today, he still have trouble breathing and I not forsure what to do.Iam going to take him to the vet by friday,but just wanted some clarity and information.
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I would take your kitty to the vet now. Kittens can go down hill very fast. If he has UTI he needs antibiotics. IMO I would not wait
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I have to agree ...he needs to be on meds now.....kitten's can get serious very fast....pls take him to a vet
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They should not have fixed him yet when he was like that.
He needs to see a vet now.
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Another one with a kitty who gets chronic URIs. You little one needs to go to the vet ASAP. At the least, he should be getting some kind of antibiotic and he might need fluids. Poor little guy!!
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Everyone, thank for the advice.This morning I took him to the vet and they prescribed an antibiotic.He seems to be better now, but he didn't and I force fed him his food.At first he was annoyed, but after a couple of minutes he seemed to enjoyed it.

I didn't really have the money to go the vet and spend $200, but he better so it was worth it.
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It is worth it to spend the money.
I hope he feels better.
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