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Monday's DT

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Hello all! I am so tired today. I had so much trouble sleeping last night and when I did sleep, I had really weird dreams. I had a dream that I was buying new shoes, but they were prescriptions shoes made out of the same material as prescription glasses. They made my feet look dainty for a change. I had to get a prescription from my eye doctor for them!

I go for prescreening at the hospital tomorrow for Friday's surgery. I am getting nervous. But at least I get to be off work early tomorrow.

I was very good this weekend. The SPCA was having an adopt-a-thon at Petsmart this weekend and although I held a kitten (and kissed his nose) I didn't buy one! It was $100, including microchipping, shots and $25 back with proof of spay/neuter. I kept telling myself that Sugarly can't handle any more kitties in the house. She has to be my 1st priority.

How was everybody else's weekend?
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I was just going to post: Do you guys still do your DT???? You must have been reading my mind Ady!!

What surgery are you talking about??? I am drawing a blank. Not sure if I am aware of this or not.....

Oh and..ummm, can I have a prescription like that too????

My weekend was ok, considering it rained all weekend.

Nothing new here....

Hope you all have a great end of day!

Bye everyone!
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I am going for a laperoscopy on Friday to hopefully determine why I haven't been able to get pregnant for the past 4 years. Hopefully it is something simple and they can fix it!
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I hope they are able to fix whatver it is that is keeping you from getting pregnant....Sending positive vibes your way!!!!
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Been busy today washing kittens and feeding Frankie. He "chirped" at me today!!! What a sweety. The kittens have been out for an hour playing and have unraveled a roll of paper towels. They are in kitten heaven pouncing all over the folds of toweling scattered around the floor.
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Ady...will keep you in my thoughts. I was guessing it was something to do with that. *keeping fingers crossed for you*
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Thanks Ghys and Kathy! If I can get preggers then any pain would be worth it (an I am a big wuss when it comes to pain!)
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Been busy doing a major housecleaning, we have been doing some carpet cleaning, and room changing around and stuff like that. Finally almost done though, now I can play with the kittys and just do nothing!
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Well I'm just about to head off for college and before that I must feed my animals and this afternoon I',m doing homework ..LOL So Talk To Ya'll soon
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I was thinking you are only 15 years old Sam...and you're going to college?? You must be one smart girl!!!!!
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heheh Kathy I'm only 13 and our High School is called college over here we go Kindy, Primary, Intermediate and then College and then university
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ohh wow!! ok..things are so different there than over here in the US..It starts out here as Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, elementary, middle school, jr. high school. high school, then college or university...
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Sending you positive vibes for Friday.

I spent the weekend nursing my daughter, who had her tonsils and adenoids out on Friday. Couple that with a minor car accident and witness to a major one.

Today was an easy day for me.....School's out for the summer, baby! I attended a workshop and went on a job interview.
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Work has been crazy today, which is why I've been signed on but not posting much today. I'm about ready for another weekend, and it's only Monday. Earl's birthday is Wednesday, so I have to figure out how to make it "special" for him. I guess prezzies and a nice dinner won't cut it. He's SUCH a Gemini!

Ady, you'll definitely be in my thoughts on Friday. I'll send you all my baby-making powers, cuz I don't want 'em and you do. Maybe that will help.
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My first day, on the phones. I don't think that I screwed anything up. Took almost 40 calls and only had to holler for help 5 times. Not having to go to work until 8:00 was wonderful! Tomorrow - 9:15.

Bill is cooking dinner tonight (pot roast), which means leftovers tomorrow night. I won't have to cook until Wednesday.

Good luck, Ady. The worst part of a laparoscopy is the pressure, from the gas afterward. I wasn't able to stand up straight, for several hours.
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Feeling the exam crunch right now... argh. I've been working on chemistry and math for most of the afternoon. I have to re-take math next year because I couldn't pass it. But you guys hear me whine about school enough as it is.

I had a pretty good day today. I went up to the pizza place with all of my friends for lunch and we had fun. It was good because we rarely go anywhere (but it was my idea so I was stuck with the

Getting really frustrated with myself. I know I have to do all this work and I can't seem to motivate myself to do it. Annnd, I was trying to eat healthy today and so far I had two pieces of pizza, reese's cups on the way home, and some toffee when I got home. LOL so much for that one!
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Originally posted by katl8e
The worst part of a laparoscopy is the pressure, from the gas afterward. I wasn't able to stand up straight, for several hours.
That's exactly what my Mom said when she had this done a year before I was born (See Ady, there is HOPE for you!). She said that she had never "tooted" in front of my Dad ever until the day she had this procedure done. It makes you unbelievably gasey! She said that she was so embarrassed and my Dad (being the funny smarty pants he is!) said "It's ok Honey, your assy is just gasey but I love you regardless!". Awww...How romantic is that?
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Good luck on Friday, Ady! I really bope they will find out that the explanation is simple and easy to "fix"!!!!:daisy:

We took Oliver to his 12 month health care and vaccinations. He is such a lightweihgt, which is fine by me if he is healthy, he wouldn´t be walking any sooner if he were heavier, so this way all the holding gets easyer...He is now 74 cm (hmmmm....2 feet 4,2 inches...does that make sense?????) and just under 8 kilos (17,5 lbs). He is actually way under "the medium child", so the doctor wants to see him once before the next usual check and vacc. apointment is (at 18 months), just to monitor him and see if he is not growing normally, even though he is light.
He was also born small, 1 foot, 5,4 inch, and about 5,5 lbs.
When I took him to the 3 month health check, I got an e-mail from a friend of mine, who had a child that day, and they were exactly the same size (on that day!!!), 1 foot 9 inch and 12,12 lbs!!! That is the HUGEest baby birth size I know!!! (And the mother just lifted one leg and the baby dropped out, that is so unfair!)

Oh, and a really good thing happened today! I was putting a table cloth that I had been washing back to it´s drawer, and I found an unopened big bag of m&m´s!!!!! And we have some coke left from the birthday party (we usually don´t buy soda), so there will be no weight lost from me today!
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OMG! That is a huge baby! You cracked me up when you wrote "She just lifted one leg and the baby dropped out."! If it could only be that easy for the rest of us!

Sounds like Oliver is a pretty healthy little tyke to me. I'm sure he'll catch up on the weight and heighth before you know. The grow up so quick!
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Shell, I will post some pictures of him soon, (once I get them develloped and figure out how to resize them), but have you seen the one I already posted in "Pictures pictures"?
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Yep, he's a doll! Can't wait to see the new ones! If you have problems resizing them or anything, just email me & I'll fix em' for ya!
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Somewhere you mentioned a website where there was something to download for resizing, but I cant remember where you posted it, do you remember the site?
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You can download (it's free!) a program called Irfanview. You can download it by going to

It's pretty easy to do. You can even lighten pictures and crop part of the photo out. Just holler at me if you need some help!
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The rule of thumb is that a baby should triple his birth weight, by one year old. They all develop, at their own speed, though.

Everyone was concerned, that Mark wasn't walking. I told them that he would walk, when he was darned good and ready. One morning, at 16 mos., he got up and toured the house. After that, I was ready to break his legs - he was into everything.
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That's Neat Kathy!
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Me eldest Steven didn't take his first step till he was 22 months old.... *yikes* That was a little scary cause we were beginning to wonder. Turns out he outwitted his mom. He just loved being carried around everywhere and figured: if she is foolish enough to do it. why should I even try????? It worked....

Nicolas took his first steps at 16 months (which is still old enough) but there was no way he was going to convince me he also needed to wait till he was 22 months!
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